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The Natal Chart of Cher Horowitz

Cher Horowitz from Clueless

A very long time ago, on a different blog, I once wrote a character study on Cher Horowitz from Clueless, using her canonical birth month. Today, I stumbled across Alicia Silverstone’s natal chart, the actress who played Cher, and it inspired me to revisit what I had originally said.

Below is a now edited and improved version of my interpretation of Cher Horowitz’s possible natal placements. Originally, I had planned out all her personal placements, minus Mercury, with two additional inclusions. I still agree with these, and you’ll see why below!

Aries Sun in the 7th House/Libra Rising

When talking to Tai about doing drugs, Cher asks Tai when she is born. Tai replies May, and Cher says she is born in April and thus gives her advice as she is older. If we take Cher’s official film birthday, she is an Aries or a Taurus.

Aries is where the Sun is in exaltation, giving her that assured confidence and bursting ego that we all hate to love and love to hate. Cher is not afraid to shine or be who she feels she is, just like the cardinal Aries, who is themselves before anything else. She also embraces a change of self in the movie, which is characteristic of the cardinal mode as they lead paths and take on challenges. Archetypally, a cardinal sun lends itself to the ego-based restart that Cher goes through.

Cher’s undeniably, in the beginning of the film, the negative expression of Venus. However, I feel the Venusian/Taurean presence is not over her Sun. I see Aries Sun due to Cher attracting chaos. In this same scene, Dion explains that a makeover is Cher’s calm within ‘chaos’, which relates to the Aries/Libra archetypes. Aries, being ruled by the planet Mars, means that Cher’s ego can often thrive on passion and chaos.

This is also why I would conclude she is a Libra Rising. Alongside striving to be admired and look good, Cher ultimately stands up for herself using her persuasive attitude and good looks. Throughout the movie, she gets what she wants via arguing (reflected through Aries) and her aesthetic (reflected through Libra).

Let’s not forget, Libra is the sign of the scales, and the sign where Saturn is exalted. They are naturally fair judges, and Cher – due to her upbringing – sees the world a lot like a courtroom to win her case in. What’s more, Libra Rising gives her Venus as her chart ruler, which lends itself to how she sees the world through pretty, aesthetic things, and wishes to avoid discomfort.

Further, Cher appears to have Sun in the 7th house. Her confidence grows best when she is able to pair people up or feel adored. For example, she flourishes when she sets up her teachers, and Tai and Elton. Again, she works her way through life making deals, like haggling for her grades, which would make sense if her sense of confidence shone in the house of partnerships, both romantic and corporate.

Leo Moon in the 11th House

Cher is popular with her peer group and seen as a desirable person, much like the sign Leo. She’s evidently got a selfish streak as even her good deeds benefit her. This is something we can attribute to Leo Moon in the 11th House, as the emotional self craves the spotlight of friend groups, or perhaps takes it without meaning to. Remember when Elton can’t stop doting on Cher, even when Cher is trying to draw his attention to Tai? That’s her Moon in Leo!

What’s also worth noting about this particular placement is that it would rule her 10th house and midheaven, making it the most elevated point in her chart. This is the most ambitious goal for the public persona. For her, this is innately tied to her emotional process. In the movie, Cher realises that she desires changing her image from selfish and attention seeking (one side of Leo) to giving and warm (the other side of Leo.)

Pisces Venus in the 6th House

Cher cares for her father and makes sure he eats right throughout the film. This relates to the idea of service portrayed by the 6th house. Just like her Venus in 6th house, Cher is caring through small deeds and daily doses of service. She also gives Tai a makeover which includes physical fitness and keeping the mind active, also themes of the 6th house.

The Piscean qualities of her Venus can be displayed through her love for love, even if not her own. Pisces is a Jupiter ruled sign, and the exaltation of Venus. A Venus in Pisces loves love in all its forms. Expansive and abundant, they will take all love languages and expressions, as all of them are desirable gifts. Now, remember, a big plot point of the movie is that Cher loves herself. She exhibits her romantic ideals onto herself to attract a partner, like sending herself chocolates and love notes, and portraying what she feels is the perfect all round woman. This, in some ways, is one of Pisces’ Jupiterian downfalls, as they may wish to be and do everything idealistically.

Aside from her self love, there are hints to Pisces flavoured altruism from Cher too. Pisces is a selfless sign, which Cher is in terms of romance. She pursues match making for others before considering love for herself. This also shows Piscean idealism as this is partly due to her wanting the right person to come along for her before she allows herself to fall in love. But, hey, we already addressed how and why her selflessness always seems to come back round to selfishness.

Lastly, with Pisces Venus, we see Cher make a point of her feet being cold when flirting with Christian. Pisces rules the feet, and Venus rules flirting. Need I say more? Probably not, but I do also think that it’s funny how she does this within her own home while on a date doing everyday things (watching a movie), which could be seen as a very comfortably 6th house choice.

Taurus Mars in the 8th House

Continuing the points from Pisces Venus in the 6th house, Cher wishes to save herself for the perfect person, showing romantic idealism, but also a healthy sense of stubbornness and moral endurance – like that of the fixed sign, Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so again adds to the Venusian vibe of Cher.

She is concerned with romance and making herself feel desired. When flirting, as mentioned, she sends herself gifts to show she is desired to others. This presents key themes of both Taurus and the 8th house: the material luxury and sensuality that a Taurus can desire, and the cunning resourcefulness of the 8th house. Her ultimate aim is to gain a lover from sharing/sending herself gifts. Expensive gifts, at that, which are financed by (most likely) her father.

In this way, Cher’s flirtatious drive (Taurus Mars) comes at the cost of a loan (8th house). This is also the house of deep research, because of the size of the resources the 8th house often speaks of, and Cher exhibits her wealth of information on the art of courtship many times throughout her flirting and date planning adventures.

Lastly with Taurus Mars, Cher – in the narration – says to highlight the mouth when flirting. Taurus rules the throat and the mouth. Having Mars in Taurus and Venus in Pisces is a decision I made for this specific reason. Cher’s first point of attraction is to draw attention to the mouth, so this is how she begins to chase infatuation via Mars. However, when she’s ready to make the next move, and to step closer to the heart of love, we then see her change from flirting with her mouth, to her feet, which takes us to Pisces Venus territory.

Random Chart Additions:

(I included these originally and still stand by them, they’re just additional to her personal placement break down.)

Venus Sextile Mars

In Clueless, there is connotations that love and sex are two bonded things for Cher. She doesn’t wish to just date anyone, she wants to find the right one and save herself entirely until them. However, there are moments in the movie where she does debate this, showing that there is some leniency to this moral. This could be explained through Venus sextile Mars, which is an aspect showing communication, but not complete devotion, between the planets of love and sex.

Capricorn Jupiter in the 5th House

Cher could have Capricorn in the 5th house, where I also feel she may have Jupiter. The 5th house has ties to self expression, sex, and flirting, while Jupiter is the planet of abundance. With abundance comes broadness, however, which could be why Cher can seem to be an airhead – she has a confident and expansive self expression and flirtatious nature!

Moving on, I believe she has Capricorn Jupiter as, following after her father, she is success oriented. She haggles for her grades and her father is proud of her skill in this. However, she doesn’t just chase after and accomplish things based on what she feels she deserves, but also applies this same powerful drive to how she chooses to present herself. When attending her driving test, she requests an outfit which makes her seem capable and mature, and of course she is abundant and wealthy in outfit choices, hence we arrive at Capricorn Jupiter in the 5th house.

Well, that’s all I had to write about her then, with edits from the now wiser and more astrologically capable Ariel. Will I change my mind in future? I imagine probably not! I agreed with all the placements I wrote originally (see all of above), I simply better understood how to articulate why, and saw even more fun details. In future, perhaps I’ll see even more in this hypothetical chart.

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