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Many of my testimonials are showcased on Etsy, where I have over 220 five star reviews and counting! Due to Etsy policy, I’m not allowed to lift my reviews from the site, so this page is looking a little empty right now. If you’d like your words to feature here, please just reach out!

“Ariel is a friend, a guide and a blessing all in one. All the readings she gave me were personal, strong, heartfelt and real. Any question I would have for my path would be answered, silly or not, and every tip and advice was genuine. She’s fun, magic, amazing and has a heart as huge as the ocean, ready to educate, to help and to spread more magic into the world.-Ira

Ariel is genuinely one of the most hard-working individuals when it comes to her readings. Not only does she do what is asked from a basic request, she goes beyond that to ensure that the service given is complete with any concerns or additional information given. She does not skirt to give vague information based on the reading asked. She is a wonderful reader to work with based on not only how much she puts herself into her readings, she is a skilled individual who continues to soar along with her gentle approaches to her practices.– Skyler

“I recently reached out to Ariel for a one-to-one session about a problem that I had been dealing with for quite a while. Essentially, I had an intuitive connection with an ex whom I had not been in a relationship with for a couple of years at the time of the reading. It was very distressing to know about some intimate details of his life, and I was ready to move on with it. I gave her my natal chart information, and I was blown away at the level of detail in which she interpreted my chart! I have had several people take a look at my chart, and not only was she the only one to tell me about my Chiron placement, but she also went into detail about the implications of the chart as a whole! Something I had never experienced before! It was really helpful to understand my situation better, and I also received some really great advice on how to move forward.  I 1000% recommend her to anybody who is in need of any astrological, intuitive, and divination services! 10/10!” – Caitlin

[Ariel has] have such a wide range of understanding and interpreting [their] tools for the needs at hand. [She] utilize[s] what [she] inherently possess as a reader and take that information that comes into a easier to understand format. Not fluffy writing or overly complex understandings which confuse the mind. Taking [their] information and making it easier to decipher whilst also balancing what is really needed to be put out there. A personality of how [their] interpretations evolve as a reading or new information comes together, allowing us to see how [they] are putting the dots into a bigger picture for us.– Skyler

“Ariel is one of the few individuals that I truly trust to read for me, my spirits/guides, and my deities. I trust her intuition profoundly, sometimes even more than I trust my own. But I always use my own feelings and intuition to “double check” her work. And she is always right! She knows much more information than I give her. Every time she has read for me, she has been spot on with the who and the what. Everything she says resonates so deeply and I know that she connected to the right being at the right time. Ariel is a very talented individual! I always look forward to getting a reading from her. If you are on the fence about booking a consultation, book it because you will not regret it!” – Emmy

“Absolutely stunning! This was my first real chart reading and I just sat for 15 minutes after reading it just amazed at the accuracy, detail, and obvious care put into it. Her use of metaphor and personification of the planets made my chart feel that much more real to me. Everything you said resonated so deeply, I was genuinely shocked at how well someone who doesn’t know me could describe my brain and experiences. Thank you Ariel for your time and beautiful words, this PDF is truly a treasure!”annie

“You’re in great hands with Ariel! I’m glad I was able to find her and her services around this time last year (Spring 2020, whenever you’re reading this) because our reading sessions together have been nothing but helpful, encouraging, and thorough. Ariel takes the time to not only understand you and the matters that you bring to her, but also ensures that each and every reading is handled with such care, compassion, and detail – and reaches out to make sure no stones have been left unturned or questions have been left unanswered. She’s a pro at what she does and I continue to highly recommend her works!”agatha