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Tarot and Spirituality: Identifiers of What to Learn Next

Today, in Sunny Souls, I shared a talk on finding out where to go next with your magic path; how to find the niche which is right for you at the moment. However, it’s not always easy to really understand what tarot is telling you in those regards. So, I put together this handy little post on what possible cards may symbolise.


CUPS are a sign of healing, creation and dreams, which can point to manifestation, working with emotions-based magic or divination, or exploring creative outlets. They may also be telling you to investigate what symbolism exist in your dreams. They are also the suit of WATER meaning it can show us water-based magic or veneration of water-related deities and spirits.

PENTACLES are a sign of possession, progression, and education. They are speaking of reading a new book, taking a new course, or making your knowledge tangible. They may be talking about physical forms of magic, like writing sigils or casting spells, or learning more about spirituality through literature and mentors. They represent EARTH which can show becoming one with nature, learning about earthen spirits, or veneration of nature deities.

SWORDS are all about clarity, the mind, and struggle. They are going to be outlining that now is the time to solidify your view of something; Swords are about fully understanding the bigger picture for all it has to offer, and braving facing your wounds. They can be a call to research what you don’t understand, to shadow work, or to uncomfortable healing. Their representation of AIR tells us that they may be asking us to clear our minds, or to look to sky-related beings and entities.

WANDS are about fiery desires, energy, and recognition. They could be telling you to invest time in energy work, cleansing, charging, or sharing your knowledge. They may be pointing out to doing energy-based spell work through your mind, a literal wand, or other means. Being the suit of FIRE they can also be a sign to consider lighting a candle, investigating the inner self, or working with a fire-related entity.


1 in the minor arcana symbolises starting a new path; it could be time to venture into something you’ve never done before.

2 shows union and planning, which may be a sign this is a piece of work you have to find support for – physical or divine.

3 is a sign of creation and opportunity, which is telling you to create the area of magic you wish to focus on for yourself, e.g. experiment with new sigil ideas.

symbolises security, so this is something to become comfortable in, possibly via practicing or solidifying your knowledge.

5 shows discomfort in the respective area, and may show a need for a form hf healing or cleansing.

6 carries baggage and weight, for better or worse, across the suits, so you may be being told to let it go, or finally pick up the weight of your accomplishments.

7 is the point in the major arcana where we begin to mature through our stumbles, which may be showing you that it’s time to take up a practice you previously left behind.

8 symbolises the effects of your journey through the suit finally being seen, and so it may be time to reflect on this area of magic.

9 is a scholarly number in the minor arcana, pointing out when there is only so much further to go until ‘completion,’ and can show that it is time to read more intermediate sources on the topic at hand.

10 tells us that it is time to tie up the final strings of this magic you’ve been learning, as you’ve come far on this path and have now ‘graduated’ from learning it. This could be a good or bad thing, i.e. 10 of Swords is the end of a painful lesson in overthinking and not seeing clearly what you truly needed to do or be.

Page is a sign to experiment with what you already know, because you have the knowledge to do so.

Knight speaks of fine-tuning the practice at hand, to make it better through editing how you go about it.

Queen may be a sign to listen to what your heart has to say on the practice, but more likely to consider sharing what you have learnt.

King shows that the area of magic you’ll want to focus on right now is one you’re already well versed in; there’s no need for something new right now, just keep developing what you already have.


THE FOOL means to have fun exploring new tangents, and not to pick or choose just yet.

THE MAGICIAN tells you to go with what you want to practice right now; what inspires you in this moment is the right option.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS points to intuitive work and possibly ritual work. It can even just represent magic itself if you haven’t actively done much casting/magic in a while.

THE EMPRESS is about re-engaging with aspects of your spirituality you are good at, but may have not practiced for a while. It may also represent self care, goddesses, or mythology of goddesses.

THE EMPEROR speaks of solidifying what you already have and working within routes you have already opened for yourself. It may also represent taking card of your household (you), gods, or mythology of gods.

THE HIEROPHANT means that it is time to return to your divine team, to learn from the light itself, and exist in the peace of the universe for a while.

THE LOVERS symbolises union, which can mean it’s time to learn from another, share your learning with someone else, or focus on your spiritual relations.

THE CHARIOT could be your sign to open up your reading services, to purchase/investigate a new tool, or to finally mark something off of your to do list.

STRENGTH speaks of showing compassion, which could be to yourself or the world around you. Consider healing, energy work, or spells for the community.

THE HERMIT tells you to retreat into your own soul for a little while. It may be time for inner child healing, past life work, or shadow work.

WHEEL OF FORTUNE signifies that there are many paths that may suit you, so don’t feel pressured into just one.

JUSTICE is a sign to stop selling yourself short and to see what is actually a good idea or not a good idea for you; to let yourself practice as you wish to. It may also be a call to venerate a justice or law deity, if you do so.

THE HANGED MAN tells you that it is time for a change in perspective; to see the world from another’s journey. It may also be speaking of researching ‘otherness,’ like liminal spaces, the astral, or otherworldly encounters.

DEATH means it’s time to move on from one practice to another, or to invest in your own transformation. Perhaps it is time for a spiritual check in, or to do a little spring cleaning of what practices do and do not serve you.

TEMPERANCE is about finding balance in your talents, so pulling this card may be a sign you’ve been a little off balance in cultivating your path as a whole lately.

THE DEVIL shows time for release. Consider cord cutting, bond breaking, releasing, cleansing, or deep healing.

THE TOWER is telling you that a drastic, and perhaps unfortunate, change is going to happen. It may be time to overhaul your practice as it stands because it simply isn’t working as it currently is. Look inside, find where the fire started, and make sure the next Tower you build of your magical work is more ‘fire’ safe. The fire could be an entity you let in by accident, an illusion which was left to take over, overusing your energy, allowing a doubt to take seed: it changes from person to person.

THE STAR may mean to look into divinity and deities, astrology, astral travel, constellations, or perhaps even mythology.

THE MOON tells you to look into the heart; it could be time for healing, for introspection, or manifesting what you truly wish to see in the reflection of your life.

THE SUN is a rising dawn, a new awakening of confidence, so it’s time to practice a magic you may be unsure of to further your confidence, or to try out that new idea you had.

JUDGEMENT speaks of awakening and enlightenment, which can be a callback to meditation, to researching and learning from higher/expert sources and teachers, or to practice awakening to, say, past lives or soul callings.

THE WORLD speaks of coming full circle and completion. Go back to something you first practiced or had left to one side, and finally complete this type of magic to get it under your tool belt.


PAST LIVES may be suggested through 6 OF CUPS.

WORKING ON FEARS can be seen through THE DEVIL.

THE LOVERS, to some, could show TWIN FLAMES.


These will be different for absolutely everyone, as we all have personal ideas of energies different deities give off or what cards should be used for them. If you’re looking for some inspiration, these are some I personally think of.





QUEEN OF CUPS AND KING OF CUPS may be showing a divine couple, like PERSEPHONE AND HADES.

THE FOOL may be showing a chipper and energetic deity, like APOLLO or HERMES.

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