i’m a firm believer that learning about ourselves should be honoured in the way that works best for us, no matter what kind of learner you may be. for that reason, there are plenty of different ways that you can engage with me and my work! currently, i am available through:

ariel on etsy etsy used to be my main marketplace, where i have collected over 200 five star reviews. occasionally, i re-open etsy, but i have been working on phasing it out, so find me somewhere below!

ariel on heyhero this is my new venture, my account! like cameo for content writers, allows you to ask a question and receive an answer from yours truly for a fair, accessible price.

ariel’s astrology my public access patreon page where i write about my astrology research and more. it is entirely free to read, and those who choose to subscribe gain access to polls, shout outs, and extra goodies. great place to support me!

consultations – i am available for personal writings and consultations, for both divination and astrology. for more information of those and where to book them, please read my services menu below.

planetarium patreon my general patreon page, where i write articles about astrology and divination twice a week. patrons receive access to these, two monthly collectives, and unlimited mini reads depending on their tier. great place to support me!

raven academy i am a teacher and dean at raven academy of the mystical arts! here, i teach courses such as Houses in astrology and tarot spreads.


Tarot and astrology can be fun, but I know how many different things can get in the way of mentoring and guidance. From budgets to time zones, finding the consultation you desire can be difficult and frustrating. With this in mind, I’ve expanded my consultation opportunities to have something for everyone. Please ensure you do read the terms, as this has information regarding how I deliver readings and my terms of service. When you’re ready to book your reading, simply use the consultation inquiry form, and I’ll get back to you shortly.

For divination readings, I am open to pretty much all questions, as long as they are within my reading guidelines. For astrology readings, I offer natal chart and solar return readings, whether these are general readings or specific questions that you may have. You will notice that the price for divination and astrology written readings are different, and this is because astrology readings typically take me two full days of work, and so I must charge more for my time on these.

All prices are sliding scale/pay what you can, with the price listed being the minimum USD for each kind of consultation I offer. For example, all my divination readings are $25 or more, and where you pay on this scale is up to you.

Don’t see a reading for you below? Let’s get talking! Just let me know via the form, and we can discuss the best option(s) for you. Alternatively, email me directly at Please note that I do not offer live audio/video calls.

Written PDF (Divination)$25+Typically a 5+ page reading focusing on your question(s) via divination*.
Written PDF (Astrology)$45+Typically a 15+ page reading going through your chart and/or question(s).
Pre-Recorded Audio$25+Approximately 30-40 minute recording + relevant photos.
Text to Text$60+An all day, no-pressure-to-reply live text consultation.**

*I do not use a certain amount of tools, because I feel this can limit or overstretch readings in ways they don’t need to. Instead, I go with my intuition for what cards or tools you may need! Typically, at minimum, I use 4 tarot cards and 2 oracle cards, but often times there are more tools.

**For Text to Text consultations, we’ll use a platform of your choice for the consultation, e.g. Discord or Twitter. On inquiry, we’ll book in a day, and there’s no pressure to reply quickly, as we have the whole day to get things done. A “day” is considered 12pm GMT+1 to 2am GMT+1 / 6am EST to 8pm EST. If you may need this adjusted to include earlier or later times, just send me an email and we can discuss.

Terms of Service

If you’d like to browse the decks and other divination tools which your reading may include, click here.


All purchases are to be made through my third party market platforms (e.g. etsy, patreon, ko-fi), or directly to me via PayPal. If purchasing via PayPal, you will receive the link to pay once your booking is confirmed. Payment is expected before the delivery of your reading/start of your consultation. If you require a payment plan, don’t be afraid to drop me a message! I regularly offer donation based services, and am always happy to make space for all budgets.

There are three different ways that I deliver readings: 1. By PDF sent to your email, written in the English language, 2. By Audio + Photo content sent to your email, recorded in the English language, or, 3. By text chat on a social platform, sent in the English language. You are free to choose which you prefer, unless a method is already stated.

You will receive your reading on or before the time given to you when I accept your booking. If I do not feel I can make this time frame, I will email you to re-arrange or update you, but thankfully this happens very rarely.


By purchasing a consultation, you confirm that you are over 18 years old or have the permission of a parental guardian. You also confirm that you understand all services provided by Underworld Ariel are to be taken at your own discretion, and services are for entertainment purposes only. By purchasing, you confirm that you understand that you are not purchasing a physical product.

I do not consult on questions of a medical, mental health, pregnancy, or death related nature. I also do not consult on questions pertaining to divine intimacy or origins, e.g. godshards, godspousing, nsfw devotion. I do not provide third party readings in the instance that the third party is unaware of the client’s intentions or investigations.


If you do not see a consultation for you above, you need only ask about a custom session! Chat with me by social media or email and we can discuss what may be best for you moving ahead.