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How to Manifest with Power

We’ve all heard of the various different laws and methods of manifestation. And we’ve all heard people’s personal takes and what works for them. You’ve probably even tried to work out your own belief on how manifestation works, from miracles from deities, to karmic allowance, to the universe just being too hard to understand. But, there comes a time in every powerful manifestors life when it’s time to lay down a plan for manifesting. You can script all you like, but a good script has a path, and that’s what we’re talking about today!

As a life coach, there are many models and techniques for how we help you to find your goals, aspirations, and what inspires you. One of the quickest and easiest models that you can work through yourself are the stairs of decision. They go like this…

1. Identify the Issue

Why are you manifesting what you are? What is the core problem you’re overcoming? It could be a trait you wish to counteract (e.g. shyness), a current situation you’re trying to escape. We never manifest just because we want something, because everything we want is informed by what we do or do not have.

We are meaning making beings. That means, we like to look for meanings and patterns in everything. That’s why we consider our past to be informative of our future! We can develop a lack of confidence in art if we have been belittled for our expression; we can develop an apathy for our relationships if we have had a disconnection from close friends and family growing up. And, when we want something, it is the ‘future’ step of that timeline. Usually, it’s us wanting to overcome it! For instance, wanting to be more confident and have more friends. If we can assess our past experiences, our expectations of life/ourselves, and our core beliefs (what our past has made us believe!), then we begin to understand why we value what we do, and why we are searching for what we are.

2. Consider your Options

Have you picked the best option to deal with that issue? We can often have a tendency to want things without really thinking about how to get them. Now you have your reason for your manifestation, it’s time to think of what other options you actually have.

Let’s say the issue is that you have had a tendency to be apathetic with friendships; not giving to others what they give to you, for whatever reason. Is a manifestation to make friends truly the best option? Who is to say that you will keep those friends, if the issue is something more internal? This is the part of the process you think of other possibilities, like manifesting for you to grow more trustworthy, or to script your own process of dedicating more passion to those people already in your life. Sometimes, we have to recognise when it is our own behaviour that can be changed as opposed to simply trying to spin the world around us.

3. Plan an Action

This is where your actual manifestation takes place. Once you’re sure that your manifestation goal is the right one for you and what you’re trying to overcome, it’s time to implement it. You may choose a certain kind of manifestation depending on what you identified your chosen option as.

Those of you who are looking to manifest an external goal, like getting into college, may choose visualisation, moodboards, sigil creation, 55×5 notes, or other manifesting methods.

Those of you who are attempting to help along an internal change or lesson, like becoming a more passionate friend, may choose scripting, visualisation, letters to the universe, playlists, or verbal chants.

Different methods lend themselves more naturally to different kinds of goals. Of course, you can use whatever you would like to, but if the activity you choose is routinely encouraging your manifestation in an appropriate form, it is charged with more powerful. Look at the different examples given, and how the external ones are releasing or modelling an energy, but the internal ones are affirming or learning an energy.

4. Visualisation

And no, I don’t mean the magic kind. What I mean is visual evaluation. What does that goal now look like now you’ve taken those steps? It doesn’t seem so out there now you understand the why, what and how, does it?

Imagining what life would be like having already accomplished the goal of the manifestation is a form of manifestation in itself (act like you already have it rule), but it also works on a coaching level to affirm to you that you actually can do it. That it isn’t far fetched as it is entirely within your grasp to make those changes or achieve that dream. If it’s still impossible to see, that can be a sign to go back to step 2 and think of a realistic first step for this manifestation; you may be trying to manifest a house before manifesting the bricks, so to speak.

And that is how you use the basic methodology of foundational life coaching to inform and inspire your manifestations, to not only root them in what you can do to make them a reality, but to understand what in your core beliefs makes you desire the goal to begin with. Happy manifesting! 

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