Quick Facts:
Sun, Moon, Rising: Virgo Sun, Aquarius Rising
Tarot Signifier: King of Swords
Favourite Divination: Cloud Reading
Random Fact: I’m a Buddhist and a Polytheist who primarily venerates the Greek God Hades, Lord of the Dead.

I grew up in a home with star signs and spirits, spooky goings on and superstitions. While some may think the otherside is a tale to be told late at night, to me, the pursuit of the spiritual and the exploration of the extra-mundane are what makes life so fascinating and precious.

I got my first taste of a personal ghost story very young, though it wasn’t until I was confronted by a dark force in a old Yorkshire cottage that the spirit flame inside me was truly lit for good. I was that kid whose favourite pastime was making blogs no one would read about ghosts and music, and by the age of 13, actually studying and exploring spirit work was my favourite thing to do. One curiosity led to another, and another, and by 15, I was peering into the world of spirituality through ghosts, astrology, and Buddhism.

With a few more years to find myself and hone my craft, I eventually tumbled into the world of spiritual mentoring through an old blog and helping my friends. As it turns out, I wasn’t such a bad diviner, nor medium, and there was a big world out there of people who had the same passion that I had. Move on further, and we get to the me that I am today: student of the stars, teacher of the cards, and well being mentor.

Now 8 years of study and experience under my belt, 4 paranormal qualifications, 1 life coaching certificate, and ordination into pagan ministry under my belt, one of my greatest passions as a spiritual mentor and leader is embracing the earth and spirit for all it may have to show us in our work. Whether reading astrology charts to flipping cards, spotting messages in the clouds or documenting spectral goings on, I like to put my whole heart forward into the moment to pull growth and healing forward into consciousness.

You can find me teaching courses on divination and astrology at Raven Academy of Mystical Arts, writing content on breathing divination on Patreon, or sharing my journey on other social media platforms. To connect with me elsewhere, check out my social page.