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Solovey: The Tarot Spread of the Nightingale

This tarot spread is inspired by a few different things; the bird, the song, the story, and my own revelation I had whilst doing tarot to this song.

In case you aren’t familiar, this spread is named after the song Solovey – Соловей – by Go_a, who were going to represent Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest this year with this song, until it was cancelled. I fell in love with the song, it really made me feel something, so I got to know the lyrics a little, and began to understand why. The song included Ukrainian folk elements, like being written in iambic pentameter, and is about the protagonist being in love with a man who her mother would disapprove of, before realising she isn’t taken seriously, and she decides to do something about it.

That didn’t really sink in for me until I was sat doing a tarot spread one night. It wasn’t the one above, it was free-form, but it was a past life reading on my connection to an old flame. I wanted to understand why or how we were connected, what happened, what did we have? I began to get the picture that it was a lovely, blooming relationship for a few lives, before suddenly turning sour and dry, in a way that was reminiscent to my experience with the person in this life.

As this sunk in, this song came on, and that’s when I looked at the meaning once again. I remembered studying nightingales in English Literature in college, and forgetting their meaning. They’re both joyous and sad, you know. They sing all night, keeping people awake and disrupting the sweet silence of night, which is why the protagonist is reasoning with the bird not to sing. Equally, their song is linked to joy, and also education, as they teach it to their offspring. Their meaning is so powerful, so prevalent. What a perfect symbol of past love.

This tarot spread is inspired by all of this. To feel the full force of the messages this spread will show you, perhaps you can listen to the song also. But, without further ado…

RECOMMENDED FOR: Past life connections, mysterious relationships, unknown connections, realisation of bonds

1. Initial Circumstance: What the relationship is/was on the surface.

2. Realisation of Reality: What it becomes/became once the honeymoon phase is/was over.

3. Choices: Place one facing left and one facing right. These represent the two paths you see in front of you with the relationship, or the two paths you had to choose between. The one facing right is the one you chose.

4. Alternate Reality: What would’ve happened had you chose differently, or what the lesser desired path shows. In the context of the song, this is what would happen if the protagonist did nothing. In the context of nightingales, this is the silence of a muted song.

5. Outcome: What happened, or what you should/will choose to do. In the context of the song, this is you choosing to change not being valued. In the context of nightingales, this is you singing when others tell you to be silent.

May this spread and all its meaning bring you to the dusted truths beneath the surface. 🖤

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