When working with clients, I like to keep my work as flexible and open as possible. If you’d like to work with me and see what spirituality has to offer you, there’s a few options for you…

Note: Unless purchasing through Etsy, all payments are to be made through PayPal, as this is the only option in my country. We do not have venmo or cashapp. You will be sent my PayPal information once your consultation is confirmed.

Divination Delivered PDF

Via Etsy, I offer a range of readings perfect for those wishing to make a purchase, wait a few days, and have all the information delivered in a neat and easy PDF. This is perfect for those who are a little shy, or a little busy, or simply those who enjoy having a document to go back and study from time to time.

Astrology Questions

I’ve been a student of astrology for six years now, and I always love to share my knowledge. I work with western astrology, and am slowly working on changing to a traditional astrology framework, as I spent many years learning with modern astrology. Do you have a question about your natal charts, or perhaps how your solar return might play out in a certain area of life? Don’t hesitate to drop me an email at to book an astrology consultation!

These will be delivered via PDF after we’ve determined your question(s) and birth information (time, date, location). For these, I estimate a 1 to 2 business week delivery time, delivered to the same email of which you originally contact me, unless you specify a different email.

For this service, I do not have a specific price point set for each, as I consider myself an astrology student, and thus leave my clients to decide how much they believe my work here to be worth. I do, however, have a minimum suggestion menu:

  • 1 Question (e.g. A report on your Moon sign, house, and aspects in your natal chart) £10
  • 3 Questions (e.g. A report on career, love, and education in your solar return) £25

Depending on the specific questions and charts, lengths of readings may greatly vary, but you can rest assured that a minimum reading is going to be 3 typed pages of A4, as this is my standard minimum length reading in general.

One to One Sessions

These take place over Discord, Twitter, or Instagram, and in these sessions you get my help, guidance, and divination for the whole day. I know time zones can be tricky things, so my number one rule with One to Ones is that there is no expectation on anyone involved to reply quickly, and that’s why it’s classed as a day session. The day sessions are open from 6am EST to 6pm EST, and you book your day in advanced.

These are great sessions for people who are looking to learn something more hands on, be it to investigate past lives via divination, to read your astrology chart, or to book some one on one mentoring time with me. Whatever you may wish to talk about and learn about with me is more than welcome.

One to One Sessions are sliding scale, priced between £35 and £65. To inquire about these sort of consultation, simply drop me an email at

Custom Sigils

Sigil crafting was one of the first pieces of magic I ever did, and I’d happy to create sigils for you, if you wish! The design will be drawn out by hand, and a photo will be sent to you, that you can then choose to save, share, and use however you wish. You will be a part of the whole sigil creation process, as I send you my rough ideas, and edit until you’re happy with the finished piece.

These are donation based, so you can decide however much you wish for these! To get started, just drop me a message anywhere on social media, or email me at