Terms and Policies


All readings, unless audio, are delivered as PDFs written in the English language. Audio readings will be provided as audio files, typically in M4A format. Every reading is unique, but you can guarantee that every card or tool is given its own spotlight as we wrap everything together into a whole.

If you’d like a custom one to one session, there are available by request and will take place over a social platform such as discord.


Reading consultations are custom electronic goods, meaning they are delivered via email.

You will receive your reading within 1 business week from purchase, e.g. purchase on the 15th means you may receive your reading any time up to the seven working days later. Usually, your reading is delivered within 3-4 working days.


By purchasing a consultation, you confirm that you are over 18 years old or have the permission of a parental guardian. You also confirm that you understand all services provided by Underworld Ariel are to be taken at your own discretion, and services are for entertainment purposes only.

I do not consult on questions of a medical, mental health, pregnancy, or death related nature. I also do not consult on questions pertaining to divine intimacy or origins, e.g. godshards, godspousing, nsfw devotion.

By purchasing, you confirm that you understand this is not a physical product and is for entertainment purposes only.