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Eurovision Astrology: Finales, Winners, and Runners Up from 2000-2019

Good evening, Europe! Or, well, hello, world! 

How do I introduce this… Here’s the thing: I am Eurovision obsessed, and also an astrology student! Not having Eurovision in 2020 left a lot of room in my little fan brain for exploring the ESC vault, and that left me with one burning question on my mind: is there an astrological pattern to winning, and could I use it to predict future winners?

So, cutting straight to the chase, that’s exactly what this article is about. Strap in, turn the beats up, and let’s get going! 

Pre-liminary Information

Before we can drive down memory lane, there’s a few variables and inconclusive things we need to talk about first. What can’t I do in this study, and what potentially affects results? 

I can’t access every performer’s exact birth data. This means I have no information regarding exact Rising sign, Moon, and houses. This makes the charts I am using, basically, incomplete. 

I can’t access the exact moment that makes a winner. I already tried a test study on “what moment someone wins” using Duncan Laurence, but that is in and of itself a complete different study. Is it when the public can vote? Is it when the vote is announced? Is it when each video is uploaded to the ESC YouTube in March? Is it the year before, when each artist goes into their solar return? I’m of the opinion that every moment offers a fork in the road at this point. However, maybe I’ll study that separately in future!

Eurovision has changed over the years, and that doesn’t help. Even in recent years, the voting system changed, which makes a difference to that “when” question above. For the sake of this study, I’m going to be using every year from 2005 onwards, to get a representative data set which is at least in keeping with what Eurovision is now. 

There’s a lot of people involved in each entry, and that makes things difficult. I could compose this study based on the lyricist, the inception of each song, the singer, the whole band, the composers, and so on and so forth. For the sake of the study, I’m using birth data for the lead singer of each act, so that each ‘act’ is viewed as a solo singer winning Eurovision, since the singer is the one the finale live is really riding on. 

There’s also a lot of acts in Eurovision. I’m not going to be looking into every single singer’s birth data to see if what we identify in the winner was present in other acts, because that would take me far longer than I plan to spend on this. That’s getting into the realms of Very Series Study, which would require me to have exact birth times, if I wanted to be that serious about this. From an astrological perspective, two people with the same placements still have different resources and environment available to them, and that is the same for which Eurovision acts succeed or don’t succeed. We’re just trying to see if there’s any astrological pattern to major success. 

So, with those things in mind, here’s how I’m planning to work through this study:

  • Collect birth charts for every Eurovision winner and runner up from 2000-2019
  • Collect each chart of the Eurovision finales from 2000-2019
  • Compare them according to notable astrology interpretations!

But, wait, why 2nd place? I’ll be using the 2nd place to give me an idea of what not winning looks like in a chart. By seeing what doesn’t win, we have a better basis to draw conclusions on what astrologically clinches 1st place. 

In total, I’ll be looking at 60 charts… PHEW. But, hey, at least you’re here to look at them with me, right? Let’s start. 

Eurovision Song Contest 2000

Hosted: 13th May 2000 in Stockholm, Sweden

Taurus Sun 22° forming a conjunction with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, 19° and 20° respectively. Mercury in Taurus at 28°, with Venus at 15° also in Taurus. The Moon travelled through Virgo in the 3rd decan on this night. Cancer North Node sat at 26°. The only squares formed in the chart come from Aquarius Uranus 20° conjunct Aquarius Juno 22°.

This day is laced in luck for anyone with heavy Taurus placements, especially if this was assigned to a house like the 5th or 10th. With the applied energies of Moon, North Node, and Juno all feeding into the Taurean mass, a love song would be a key way to the public’s heart on this night. 

Winner: Fly on the Wings of Love by the Olsen Brothers

Told you. I used the birth date on Jørgen Olsen as he both performed and wrote it. I have a birthdate for him, but no location, just Denmark. Good thing that Denmark is kind of small, so it shouldn’t affect my already-limited chart data. 

Interestingly enough, Olsen has no planets in Taurus. If I had a birth time, I imagine Taurus occupies an angle, though. He does, however, have prominence around Virgo and Aquarius, which are the signs applying to Taurus on the finale. He has his Virgo Saturn at 15° and Virgo Juno at 26°, with Aquarius Venus at 11°, Aquarius Moon at 17°, and Aquarius Jupiter at 23°. Also notable are his Pisces Sun at 24° and Pisces Mercury at 12°. 

Every single one of these placements forms an aspect to one of the Taurus placements of the finale, be it a trine (Virgo), sextile (Pisces) or square (Aquarius.) What we know from this is that the night was notable for direct planetary action for Jørgen Olsen, which was further powered by the fact that the Virgo Moon spent the finale moving toward his Juno, an asteroid of great love and sovereignty. Juno, on the night itself, was also applying to Taurus from its transit position of Aquarius, meaning that the asteroid itself was highlighted in the air. 

Runner Up: Solo by Alsou Abramova

Cancer Sun 5°, possibly very late degree Capricorn Moon (or very early Aquarius), Gemini Mercury 21°, Gemini Mars 18° and Leo Venus 20°.

What’s immediately interesting to me about this is that Abramova also has a square to the finale, with her Leo Venus, but unlike Olsen’s, it wasn’t projected by any current transits, as there was no planet in Leo on the night of the finale. Not only that, but she lacks anything in Taurus, which is something we saw in Olsen too, but notable still. She also has Gemini Mercury and Mars, and the finale had Gemini Mars too, but it was at 6°, meaning it wasn’t close enough to activate her placements just yet. Seeing her chart further affirms that there’s something notable about the amount of ‘turned on’ light bulbs in Olsen’s chart. 

Final Thoughts?

  • Tight aspects to the evening seen to be notable
  • Having presence with the overarching sign of the night may not be necessary
  • Unsupported placements (ie. that aren’t conjunct a transit) may show not winning

Eurovision Song Contest 2001

Hosted: 12th May 2001 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Taurus Sun 21° with the Capricorn Moon passing through a trine. Mars at 29° Sagittarius Retrograde, conjunct to Chiron at 28° also retrograde. Already, it may be notable that fire placements don’t experience a good night here, or placements around very early Capricorn of Virgo, due to the conjunction and square to Mars-Chiron, respectively. Interesting things happen in Gemini, where we find Saturn at 2°, Mercury at 10°, and Jupiter at 15°. 

Mercurials will have a good night as Mercury is domicile, but Jupiter is in detriment, which could make Sagittarius have a difficult night on top of that difficult Mars-Chiron conjunction. Venus in Aries at 9° squares Cancer North Node at 7°, suggesting a ‘cliff drop’ change for cardinal signs around these degrees. Ultimately, the winner may be most likely to have Aries and Gemini presence early in the degrees. 

Winner: Everybody by Tanel Padar and Dave Benton featuring 2XL.

Deciding on a chart to use here wasn’t as easy as with 2000. I watched the performance again and I think we can all agree Dave Benton made that win. The majority of the song, it’s him singing, and it’s his voice you remember. So, assuming that people win for leaving an impression, I chose to use his birth date. 

He actually does not have a chart which fits my initial prediction for this year. He has Aquarius Sun at 11° and Aquarius Venus at 29°, Capricorn Mercury at 17° and Pisces Mars 7° with a loose conjunct to domicile Pisces Jupiter at 11°. Interestingly, he also has Saturn exalted (Libra 2°), which forms a 00’39 trine to the finale’s Gemini Saturn. I also notice his Chiron is at 29° in Sagittarius, so he directly proves my theory wrong about the Mars-Chiron conjunction being detrimental to a winner.

With Benton, I wonder if this finale worked in his favour due to transits he had already experienced. He was 50 years old when the finale took place, meaning he’d been through a Saturn Return, Jupiter Returns, and was going through a Chiron one. Could this event – of winning an international competition after years in the business – be a form of Chiron’s wounded healer sentiment? Obviously, Benton wasn’t wounded, so it isn’t entirely literal. 

His Sun forms trines to the finale’s Gemini abundance, but his Pisces placements form squares, that, like Abramova (2000) are not supported by anything Piscean on the finale’s election. So, our original thoughts from 2000 are lost here. It is interesting to me how asteroids have been closely involved both times, though. 

In saying all of this, I learnt afterwards that Dave Benton was the first black person to win Eurovision, and I see even more meaning to that Chiron conjunction that I noted. 

Runner Up: Never Ever Let You Go by Rollo & King

Rollo & King is a group by two people who don’t even have Wikipedia links. So, I don’t have access to study this particular runner up. 

Final Thoughts?

  • It continues to be irrelevant if the singer has the same prominent signs as the finale
  • Unsupported placements (natal that do not align with transits) are possibly not the worst
  • Tight asteroids seem to be prominent

Eurovision Song Contest 2002

Hosted: 25th May 2002 in Tallinn, Estonia

Gemini Sun 3°, Gemini Mercury 6°, Gemini Saturn 16°, Gemini North Node 17°, Gemini Mars 27°. Gemini, Gemini, Gemini! This is a similar election to what we saw in 2000 with the Taurus deposits, which could mean we see a similarity with the singer have a lot of placements actually applying to this Gemini spiderweb. Mercury is domicile, a good sign for Mercurials. Venus is in Cancer at 5°, with Jupiter also there (exalted!) at 15° as the Scorpio Moon leaves it that evening, heading into the 3rd decan. 

I would be very surprised if the winning singer did not have Gemini placements, or air placements which are caught up in that Gemini magnet. As we’ve seen, squares actually seem to help at Eurovision, so I’m not ruling out Virgo and Pisces from the winning singer’s chart. 

Winner: I Wanna by Marie N

This chart is interesting at first glance because it isn’t immediately obvious if my prediction was correct. Cancer Sun 1°, with Cancer Mercury and Venus at 26° and 21° respectively. Saturn, in her chart, is at 25° in Gemini. This means that Marie N was approaching her Saturn Return, and we often talk about the effects and prepositions coming in before the conjunction itself. By whole sign, it is her Saturn Return, so that is notable in and of itself. She is an Aries Mars at 1° with Moon possibly in late Pisces or early Aries. She also has Jupiter at 11° Aquarius. 

What I notice is that she does, as mentioned, have air placements trapped in the Gemini energy of the night, notably her Saturn is returning through a maze of burning Gemini energy, while Jupiter trines all that is happening there. It’s also worth noting that her Node axis is at 7° Cancer-Capricorn, with the finale’s Venus (Cancer) conjunct her South Node, facing across the stars to the North Node. Venus can be seen as talents which are ‘beautiful’ just like singing. 

I also want to note that she gave Latvia their first Eurovision win, which is a huge achievement we may expect from such an energetically abundant Saturn Return moment. 

Runner Up: 7th Wonder by Ira Losco

Another runner up, finally! Losco has nothing in Gemini, which is notable as Abramova (2000) was also a runner up with no planets in Taurus, the 2000 finale’s abundant sign. Losco has Leo Sun at 8°, Leo Moon (definitely), and Leo North Node at 1°. Venus is fallen at 8° Virgo, and Mars is fallen too at 8° Cancer. Mercury is in Cancer at 27°. It’s interesting how both Marie N and Losco have third decan Cancer Mercury, which does not form a conjunction to the event’s Cancer placements, but is nonetheless noteworthy. 

A random thing I notice is that Losco has Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in Libra, 5° and 6° respectively, but this year we don’t see the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction of the years before. It makes me wonder if she may have won when the conjunction was present in transit. 

The main takeaway I have for Losco’s chart is that her Mars in Cancer was activated by the finale’s exalted Jupiter, but with a 7° orb (conjunction tightness!), which is loose. This, ultimately, supports what we have seen already: tight aspects, of 2° or less, are key to winners. 

Final Thoughts?

  • Generally, having no sign similarity with the event may call for not winning
  • Tight aspects to the event are the difference between winners and runners up
  • Notable personal transits – especially returns – may indicate winners

Eurovision Song Contest 2003

Hosted: 24th May 2003 in Riga, Latvia

Gemini Sun 2° with the Moon in Pisces. Gemini Saturn is at 28° and Jupiter is in Leo at 11°. Taurus claims Venus and Mercury at 9° and 11° respectively. Mars is in Aquarius at 18°. 

We don’t have a particular abundant sign this year, so we can’t rely on “Lack/Abundance of X” like with 2000 and 2002 to predict the winner and runner up. However, it’s clearly an event with a lot of fixed energy, and if I’ve learnt anything so far in this study, it’s to be prepared for something to return in the winner’s charts, like Saturn. This chart definitely isn’t the easiest to form a prediction practice using the data we have so far, so all I’m saying for this one is that Aquarius is likely in the winning chart in a personal way, like Sun. 

Winner: Everyway That I Can by Sertab Erener

Ahhh, another one that defines prediction. Erener’s only Aquarius placement is Saturn at 29°. I will say, though, that it is her final dispositor, so it is a key placement in her chart. Every single traditional luminary and planet runs back to Saturn, there is no other final dispositor. 

She’s a Sagittarius Sun 12° with Sagittarius Moon, Mercury in Capricorn at 3° and Venus in Scorpio at 11°. Mars is all the way back in Virgo at 13° conjunct Uranus at 14° and Pluto at 16°. In other words, she is incredibly mutable, and the fixed presence isn’t notable enough to indicate a win just based on the data I have: the event chart and her birth chart. 

Runner Up: Sanomi by Urban Trad

This is another band who have no information available, so another year I cannot research. 

Final Thoughts?

  • Every other year seems to break my predictions, ha!
  • Winners seem to have Saturn highlighted for some reason, be it a whole sign affinity to the finale, or that particular Eurovision year being a Saturn Return

Eurovision Song Contest 2004

Hosted: 15th May 2004 in Istanbul, Turkey

Taurus Sun at 24° with the Moon in Aries. Virgo Jupiter at 9° makes a trine to Taurus North Node at 11°, suggesting an earthy person is going to have a night that changes their life. Mercury is at 29° in Aries, and the Moon will not be conjunct it on this day. Venus is at 26° Gemini, and Mars is fallen at 5° Cancer. Saturn is also in detriment at 10° Cancer. Usually, I’d say that this could indicate the winner is not going to be Mars or Saturn heavy, or have Cancer placements, but then I was wrong about 2001, so I will say the opposite this time. 

With the heavy earth and Cancer placements, Capricorn would be the logical sign that hits the most transits with everything going on, also making a square to the Aries placements. Squares seemed to be good in the past. 

Winner: Wild Dances by Ruslana

So, my prediction to follow the squares was correct, however, not for the ones I chose! Ruslana is a heavily Gemini person (square to Virgo) and has her own Moon and Jupiter in Aquarius (square to Taurus.) Specifically, she is a Gemini Sun 3°, Gemini Mercury 7°, Gemini Venus 14°, and Gemini Saturn 21°.

One prediction which came through in another shape was the Cancer Mars point. She doesn’t have Cancer placements, but her Mars is in Pisces at 11°, meaning that it forms a tight trine to the finale’s detriment Saturn, and loose trine to the fallen Mars. It does make sense that we see the winners overcoming the “difficult” dignities of the finale, because that’s how they win, right? They defeat the “challenge”! Making a note of how to mediate difficulty could be the key to spotting a winner. 

Runner Up: Lane moje by Željko Joksimović & Ad-Hoc Orchestra

Ahhh… Mr Joksimović, why must you have Sun and Moon placed on the cusp day? Either way, there are no notable aspects being made to the event with the luminaries. 

Like Ruslana, though, he’s heavy Gemini! He is a Gemini Saturn 4°, Gemini Venus 15°, and Gemini Mars 15°. Mercury is at 5° in Aries. Jupiter is fallen in Capricorn at 8°. What I expected of a winner is actually present in his chart: a prominent Capricorn planet with a tight conjunction to a prominent planet of the finale, which in this case, is a 1° trine to Virgo Jupiter. However, I do feel that, alone, this placement doesn’t mean winning. 

Final Thoughts?

  • We seem to be getting somewhere with Saturn, though much more study is needed
  • Surprisingly, squares to the final come into favour for winners, and are found more often in winners than runners up
  • Where the event has a “hard” dignity, a winner tends to have a placement which mediates it via tight harmonious aspect

Eurovision Song Contest 2005

Hosted: 21st May 2005 in Kyiv, Ukraine

The Sun moves into 0° Gemini joining Venus which is at 13°. Venus is in mutual reception to Mercury in Taurus at 15° – yes, antiscium! However, I’m pretty certain I recall an example of antiscium in a finale chart before, and decided not to note it, and nothing came of it in the winner’s chart. Both Jupiter and Saturn are in cardinal signs, with Saturn in detriment in Cancer. It’s at 23°, so I’ll be looking for aspects or placements which may form a harmonious relationship with it, as this is something we saw in previous winners. 2005’s finale also has Aries Juno at 18° conjunct Aries North Node at 22°. What I’ve learnt from the previous years is that this could be a prominent part of the winner’s chart in some way. 

I’m going to learn my lesson from previous predictions and say that harmonious placements to the finale’s Cancer Saturn are likely, and may involve Pisces since the finale’s Mars is Pisces 14°. We often see squares too, and with Aries, Cancer and Libra all present here, cardinality may be present in the winner. 

Winner: My Number One by Helena Paparizou

Finally, we’re getting somewhere with predictions! For ease, let me simply bullet point her chart:

  • Aquarius Sun 11°
  • Aquarius Mercury 12°
  • Capricorn Venus R. 25°
  • Libra Mars 16°
  • Scorpio Jupiter 9°
  • Libra Saturn 22°
  • Sagittarius Juno 23°
  • Cancer North Node 22°

When looking at Paparizou’s chart, it’s like seeing a game plan for how to attack and win the glorious opposition that is Eurovision Song Contest. At this point in time, Pluto as at 23° Sagittarius, exactly conjunct her Juno, and while that is very slow moving and not just a ESC thing, it is funny when you consider she won (big life change) the contest with a song about the muse being the ultimate lover (like her Juno.) She embodied the song and allowed it to change her life. 

The finale’s detrimental Cancer Saturn was at 23°, and we saw from previous winners that winners tend to “heal” the difficulties of the day. Ironically, we don’t see Paparizou “healing” them, but she does clearly take advantage of that powerful Saturn placement, which is conjunct her North Node with a 1° orb. The North Node is known as where we are going in life, where we necessarily try to or not… Hello! Her Capricorn Venus is also stood opposite to this Cancerian conjunction, showing that Venus was “in the face” of what was to come. 

I mentioned the winner is likely to have cardinality, and Paparizou has cardinal Venus, Mars, Saturn, and North Node. Saturn and North Node have proven prominent in winning Eurovision, so this is unsurprising. 

Remember an earlier conclusion I may about winners tending to have many tight aspects to the finale? As well as the ones I’ve mentioned, she also has her own Sun-Mercury conjunction trine to the finale’s Libra Jupiter and Gemini Venus. She doesn’t skip out on the squares we mentioned either, as her Sun-Mercury conjunct also squares the finale’s Taurus Mercury. 

Runner Up: Angel by Chiara

When I look at Chiara’s chart, now that we’ve seen a few runners up, I can immediately spot what puts her in second: almost everything is in Libra. Sun is at 2°, Juno is at 14°, Mars is at 21°, and Venus is at 29°. The Moon is also probably in Libra for her. The only personal placement not in Libra is Mercury, which is in domicile in Virgo at 25°.

Remember that with these runners up, while they didn’t win, they are – in theory – the next most likely candidate to win, so they’re the second most astrologically equipped for the finale. All that Libra does hit some great aspects for the finale, like some squares to the Cancer placements, trines to the Gemini Venus, and a conjunction to Libra Jupiter. However, we’ve seen an one-sign upwelling being positive for the event itself, not for the singer! Most winners, like Paparizou, have a chart which attacks the finale from multiple angles, literally, which is what puts them in the dominant position. 

Final Thoughts?

  • The theory of squares and detriment seems to work
  • Winners tend to “attack the finale from multiple angles” so pinning signs can be difficult
  • Saturn and North Node continue to be positively prominent for winners

Eurovision Song Contest 2006

Hosted: 20th May 2006 in Athens, Greece

I’m beginning to notice that Eurovision has a habit of being hosted during Mars’ fall in Cancer, in this case at 21° with a conjunction to Cancer Juno at 22°. It’s funny, really, since Eurovision originated as a way of bringing Europe and countries who fought in WWII together via peaceful meanings, and that symbolism shines beautifully when Mars puts down its weapons and picks up its heart in Cancer.

The Sun was at 29° Taurus with Mercury in Gemini at 1°, so the two sat either side of that sign border. Venus found itself in detriment in Aries at 19° forming a square to the Mars-Juno conjunction. With Saturn and Jupiter now in fixed signs, it’s not so easy to call in what way our winner will overcome the square, but they are in fire and water respectively. Looking at the chart, Virgo stands a good chance at mediating with all of these placements, but doesn’t offer us the intense squares we’ve seen previously in winners. Libra, however, does, but misses out on harmonious connections. Perhaps the winner will have both these signs. 

Winner: Hard Rock Hallelujah by Lordi

Like with the 2000 winner’s chart, I was confident in using this birth chart more than other years because Mr Lordi wrote, composed, and performed the song, and is the costume designer for the band. This man is, effectively, behind the whole win. 

This is another year where my general prediction technique is correct, but I pinpointed the wrong signs. I said that the winner may have Virgo and Libra, as these signs sit in a position to offer both trines and squares to the finale. Mr Lordi does this, but from the other option: Capricorn and Aquarius. He has Aquarius Sun 26° conjunct Aquarius Jupiter 24° which doesn’t form any direct aspect to the planets, but the Moon was passing the later 3rd decan of Aquarius that night, so his powerful and unique confidence was activated by *drum roll* the ruler of that notorious eurovision fallen Mars! 

What’s more, both his Sun-Jupiter conjunction and the finale’s Mars sit in decans of the Moon. This discovery is making me feel that crossings to Eurovision’s Mars, especially when in Cancer, may be viral to a winners chart. I may return to this after this initial study for further, more in depth analysis of Mars. 

Using whole sign prominence, Mr Lordi fulfils the prediction that there would be earth and air causing harmony and friction to the Aries and Cancer placements, however nothing comes of this via degrees. I am very satisfied with the revelation regarding Mars, though, and will pay closer attention to this moving on. 

Runner Up: Never Let You Go by Dima Bilan

Now, it’s actually really interesting that Bilan comes in here, as Bilan wins Eurovision in 2008. It’ll be interesting to revisit his chart to see how the two different finales are portrayed against him. 

Bilan is a 2° Capricorn Sun with a definite Sagittarius Moon. Mercury is at 10° Capricorn and Venus is at 7° Aquarius for him. Mars is then in detriment at 3° Libra. He also has Saturn in Libra, which is an exaltation, that sits at 21°, so square to the finale’s Cancer Mars to the degree, and opposite the finale’s Aries Venus with a 2° orb. It turns out my winner’s prediction is actually suitable for the runner up! 

Going back to Cancer Mars, Bilan’s North Node is 22° Cancer, so it would have been in conjunction with the Mars and Juno of the finale. In many ways, I would’ve expected Bilan to win, if you showed me Mr Lordi, Bilan, and Eurovision 2006 with no previous context. However, like I mentioned, Bilan did return and win in 2008, so we’ll see what plays out then. 

Eurovision Song Contest 2007

Hosted: 12th May 2007 in Helsinki, Finland

This Eurovision is another water Mars! Mars as at 27° Pisces, with the Moon dancing towards it, also in Pisces. The Sun was in Taurus at 21°, and Mercury was domicile in Gemini at 2°. The notable Cancerian flare of Eurovision was present with Venus at 4°. Looking at our previously notable points, the North Node is in Pisces, but separate from the Moon and Mars, at 13°. Saturn was in detriment in Leo at 18°, forming a trine to Jupiter Rx at 17° Sagittarius, it’s domicile placement. 

In theory, someone with domineering aspects to the Leo Saturn, and mutable energy, may be the winner this year. It’s been made clear in this study that squares and oppositions aren’t read as conflicts or alienations, but power moves and intensity drivers for the event. I would also say that there is room for them to be surprisingly more Martian than usual with Eurovision, as the finale’s Mars is in its own (Chaldean) decan and (Egyptian) term. 

Winner: Molitva by Marija Šerifovic

Aaaand, immediately, one of my predictions is correct! Šerifovic has natal Scorpio Saturn 19° conjunct Scorpio Sun 22° which form a square with the finale’s Leo Saturn 18°. This is confirmation that our previous discoveries surrounding the presence of Saturn and squares in a Eurovision winner seems to be well founded. 

Šerifovic is another winner who seems to highlight the importance of terms. Her Jupiter is in Capricorn at 11°, in its own term, and the decan of Mars. Her Mars, 29° Capricorn, is in its own term, in the decan of the Sun, which we’ve already spoken about. What this shows us is that Šerifovic has that subtly more Martian tone we spoke of above. Capricorn is where Mars is exalted, so Mars benefits from room to breathe in this sign, and especially when in its own term. Jupiter instills more power to it through that decan connection. 

The only thing which directly answers to the finale’s 4° Cancer Venus, a sign which has proven prominent to the competition, is Šerifovic’s 0° Capricorn Venus. This is not the first time we’ve seen a Cancer-Capricorn opposition in this study so far, though it is unclear if it inherently makes a winner.

Runner Up: Dancing Lasha Tumbai by Verka Serduchka

This is going to be difficult to judge for 2nd place because the song became exponentially popular and well known outside of this, and positive indications could just as well indicate a career turning moment for Serduchka in general. I will mostly be looking for repetitive themes here, and keeping this in mind. 

Interestingly enough, we see similar notable alignments to Šerifovic. Serduchka has natal Capricorn North Node 2° opposite Cancer Saturn 4°, which is an axis activated by the finale’s Cancer Venus 4°. We’ve noted before, though, that detriments and falls like Cancer Saturn are better for the finale date than the singer(s). 

Serduchka has mutual reception between Venus and Mars, which actually sit in their respective detriments: Scorpio Venus 22° and Taurus Mars Rx 8°. In some ways, this is a little funny, since Serduchka is a drag character created by the person whose chart I’m reading, Andriy Mykhailovych Danylko. We noted this year that a subtle Martian presence would be clear, but I’d argue Šerifovic has that subtle presence, while Serduchka reads more as a “watered down” Martian presence, for lack of better term. 

Another great placement seen in Serduchka is natal Aquarius Jupiter 2°, which forms a tight trine to the finale’s Gemini Mercury 2°.

Final Thoughts?

  • I feel that honing in on the Mars signature of the finale, as well as the Saturn placement, seems to help us to understand previous winners a lot more solidly
  • The Cancer-Capricorn axis seems relevant in winners, at least from this era

Eurovision Song Contest 2008

Hosted: 24th May 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia

This is the year where 2006 runner up Dima Bilan returns to strike a win. Looking at the chart, I already see signifiers of that. Aquarius North Node at 21° makes a 00’31 conjunction to Chiron, which form a seconds-tight trine to Gemini Mercury. The finale’s Mars is Leo at 7°, and the Sun is at 3° Gemini, in the term of its ruler: domicile Mercury. The Moon passes in Capricorn, actually making a conjunct to Capricorn Jupiter 22° on this night. Venus is also domicile, in Taurus at 29°.

I already know the chart of Bilan, so I can’t make a prediction before the next analysis, but I do feel the Chiron-North Node conjunction is reminiscent of coming back for glory. 

Winner: Believe by Dima Bilan

Bilan’s own Chiron at 18° Taurus forms a square to the finale’s Chiron-North Node conjunction, placing that personal healing power onto the ‘karmic’ vibration of the event. His own Mars is at 3° Libra, which forms a tight trine to the finale’s Gemini Sun, and a loose-ish sextile to it’s Leo Mars. We’ve mentioned the Cancer-Capricorn axis before, and it comes into play here, as his Cancer North Node is exactly opposite the Jupiter of the event. 

I think it’s interesting that Bilan’s win doesn’t hold the Mars signature we’ve seen previously, but then again his own “coming back for glory” notes are more individually significant for his win than the general notable synastry we’ve been talking about. 

Runner Up: Shady Lady by Ani Lorak

Lorak’s chart is actually funny to me on that account that, of course, in the world of zodiac memes, a Libra with a Scorpio Venus would sing a song called Shady Lady. Her chart shows:

  • Libra Sun 3°
  • Leo Moon definite
  • Libra Mercury 1°
  • Scorpio Venus 15°
  • Scorpio Mars 5°
  • Leo Jupiter 3°
  • Virgo Saturn 7°

It is interesting that her Jupiter formed a conjunction to the Mars, with her own Mars squaring it, as this is in keeping with winner trends. However, she doesn’t have any of the other indicators we’ve spoken about, like Saturn activating through the finale’s chart, or an opposition presence to Eurovision’s Cancer placement(s.) I would also say, for this specific year, not having an aspect to the Chiron-North Node conjunction, a forceful one at that, and a Eurovision shaped wound to heal like Bilan did, is a significant ‘lack’ which puts Lorak in 2nd place. 

Notice that Lorak was going through her Saturn Return this year, which explains her great success. We saw a Saturn Return previously in our research. 

Final Thoughts?

  • This study may be helpful to refer back to for popular returning artists to Eurovision, as the Chiron signature of Bilan’s experience is prominent
  • Cancer-Capricorn axis continues to be highlighted

Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Hosted: 16th May 2009 in Moscow, Russia

Taurus Sun 25° with Taurus Mercury Rx. 28°. The Moon travels through Aquarius, toward co-present Jupiter at 25°. Also in Aquarius, Chiron and Neptune form a 00’18 degree conjunction at 26°. Both Venus and Mars are in Aries at 11° and 18°, respectively. There’s an opposition between Virgo Saturn and Pisces Juno at 14° and 15° respectively. With the tight square between the Taurus and Aquarius placements, this could point to a strong winning opportunity for a fixed dominant person. 

This is one of the first years we don’t have Cancerian Eurovision, so it’ll be interesting to see if the Cancer/Water Mars signatures of the past are translated onto this year’s Aries Mars. If they are, I expected the winner to be, perhaps, a Libra Saturn opposite the finale’s Aries Mars, or to have strong Leo placements, as the finale’s Mars is in the Sun decan, and we know fixed signs may favour this year. 

Winner: Fairytale by Alexander Rybak

We’ve won some and lost some with this prediction. Rybak doesn’t have Leo or Libra presence, but does follow previous winner themes. This seems to suggest that Eurovision winners have similarities despite the face of the year itself. He is a Taurus Sun at 22° with a definite Cancer Moon which may be somewhere around the 2nd decan. Mars is in Capricorn at 19°, and he has Venus (Gemini 20°) in mutual reception with Mercury (Taurus 11°).

Not long before the finale, Rybak had passed through the beginning of the final Saturn square before the Return. Saturn has proven prominent in winners, and this suggests it doesn’t have to be a Return transit to win. He also, like other winners, brings a Cancerian and Capricornian energy, despite that not being present on the finale. This natal axis fulfils the prediction of tight squares, as his Mars forms a 1° square to the finale’s Mars, and his Moon may even complete a t-square, if we knew the time (by whole sign aspects, it does complete it.)

I find it interesting that when the finale’s astrological make up is different, we continue to see those three main themes: Saturn prominence, tight synastry squares, and the Cancer-Capricorn axis. There is also some case for Taurus and Gemini presence, though this doesn’t feel like something we can pick out as a winner in its own right, at least not half way through the study.

Runner Up: Is It True? by Yohanna

Funnily enough, this is another year where I find my prediction in the runner up. Yohanna is a Libra Sun 22°, Mercury 18°, and Venus 18° with Leo Jupiter 10°. Her Mercury and Venus are conjunct with an orb of 00’07, sitting tightly opposite the finale’s Mars, as I predicted for a winner. 

Like Rybak, she has a t square to the event, as her Gemini Mars 14° completes a square with the finale’s Juno-Saturn opposition. She also has Capricorn Saturn 19° which makes a square to the finale’s Mars, an aspect seen with Rybak also, though her Saturn is not activated for her in any intense way to justify a win. 

Final Thoughts?

  • Winners seem to have similarities, somewhat irrelevant of the finale’s election
  • Sign wise, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Capricorn appear most often in winners

Eurovision Song Contest 2010

Hosted: 29th May 2010 in Oslo, Norway

This finale goes back to being a Gemini finale at 7° with Mercury in Taurus at 13° and Venus in Cancer at 11°. Mars was also in an unusual place for the study, Leo 25°. Capricorn North Node at 12° sits opposite to Venus. We’ve seen this nodal axis before in the competition, as 3 winners have had their Cancer North Node aspected by the event. 1 runner up has had Capricorn North Node natally that was aspected by the event. This sign axis itself has come up even more times than this, so it’s likely to come up in the winner’s chart, perhaps with Saturn in Cancer, or Mars in Capricorn. The finale’s North Node has a 1° trine to its Taurus Mercury, which gives us a Taurean hit. There is also another opposition between Virgo Saturn Rx. at 27° and the domicile Pisces Jupiter at 28°.

For this prediction, I’m going to stick with what we’ve witnessed before: Saturn activation, Cancer-Capricorn axis, squares, and tight north node activation. We may also expect the singer to intercept the Virgo-Pisces opposition. 

Winner: Satellite by Lena Meyer-Landrut

Meyer-Landrut has a natal opposition between Aquarius Saturn at 6° and Leo Jupiter at 7° which form a trine and sextile to the finale’s Gemini Sun at 7°. She also has, as predicted, placements which interception the Virgo-Pisces opposition, and anchor the Cancer-Capricorn opposition: Cancer Venus at 15°, and Cancer Mars at 28°. Venus is loosely conjoined the finale’s Venus and opposite it’s North Node. Mars is tightly packed into a respective trine and sextile to the finale’s Jupiter and Saturn. 

At the time of the finale, she had been through a Mercury return, as her own Mercury sits at 8° Taurus. She had also entered a new solar return, as a 1° Gemini Sun. This seems to make a case for the event of returns being a winner trend, and I may study this separately after each of the 20 years has been analysed. 

Runner Up: We Could Be The Same by maNga

This is quite a fun chart to look at now, as I’ve actually already looked at Ferman Akgül (lead singer)’s chart before for other astrological studies. His chart is interesting in its own, but not necessarily indicative of winning Eurovision. 

He does have Virgo presence in the form of Mars at 12° conjunct Jupiter at 10°, but this is over 10° away from the Virgo-Pisces opposition of the finale, thus not coming into effect in the same as tight aspects would do. His Moon may also be approaching the finale’s Jupiter, but is also unlikely to form a tight conjunction. 

One of his tightest alignments to the finale is his Aquarius Venus at 3° making a 3° orb to the Aquarius Saturn of the event. This is something which is in keeping with other runners up, as we see these powerful signatures which utilise the social planets, but not happening in a strong enough way to clinch a win. 

Final Thoughts?

  • As expected when studying aspects, the tightness of the orb is what seems to separate winners and runners up
  • I feel this year didn’t offer any other information overall

Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Hosted: 14th May 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany

Let’s start with a bullet point list:

  • Taurus Sun 23°
  • Libra Moon in transit
  • Aries Mercury 27°
  • Aries Venus 28°
  • Taurus Mars 2°
  • Aries Jupiter 25°
  • Libra Saturn 11°

I find it interesting that tight conjunctions are often present at the finale, and that this current period we’re researching as had a handful of mutual receptions at play, like Venus and Mars are here. Here, we have Mercury and Venus in tight conjunction, and the Moon in transit applying and separating from exalted Saturn. I want to take note of the way that the Taurus Sun and Moon are at either side of the whole sign, possibly causing an enclosure for Taurus performers, where they fit into the event itself. 

What I’ve learnt from previous years is that Aries placements does not seem to affect how likely the singer is to have Cancerian placements. It seems that that is just a common fact for Eurovision. I will note, though, that if we use our theory of “most tight aspects elevates a winner,” then Capricorn offers the most opportunities to aspect this chart with major aspects. 

Winner: Running Scared by Ell & Nikki

For the nature of this duo, it wasn’t going to be possible to really separate their win into one singer or act, since the song is a romantic duo. For this reason, I pulled up both charts. 


  • Gemini Sun 3°
  • Definite Gemini Moon
  • Taurus Mercury Rx. 28°
  • Gemini Venus 29°
  • Cancer Mars 22°
  • Gemini Jupiter 19°
  • Capricorn Saturn 12°

Ell’s Saturn is square to the finale’s Saturn, and his Gemini Venus, which is in mutual reception to his Mercury, forms a sextile to the finale’s Aries Mercury and Venus. His suspected Cancerian element, Mars, does not gain close aspects to the finale. 


  • Virgo Sun 14°
  • Likely Leo Moon
  • Virgo Mercury 25°
  • Cancer Venus 29°
  • Scorpio Mars 5°
  • Virgo Jupiter 19°
  • Virgo Saturn 28°

It seems that Nikki offers us the most aspects to the finale, as Virgo and Aries are an antiscia pair, and we can clearly see that her later Virgo planets align with the later Aries planets of the finale. Her Venus – in Cancer, a sign pattern – also forms a square to those Aries placements. 

Both charts begin to make me wonder if predicting a winner is “as easy” as spotting a personal Cancer placement, and seeing if the rest of the chart spiderwebs with the finale. I’m sure this won’t be the ultimate take away, once we’re able to use this initial research more definitively, but that’s how it feels right now without graphs and percentages yet taken. 

Runner Up: Madness of Love by Raphael Gualazzi

Fun fact! 2nd and 3rd only had a difference of 4 points (some years, there’s almost 100 point differences at the top)! 

Gualazzi was 6° away from his exact Saturn Return hitting when the finale aired. He has Libra Jupiter at 26° conjunct Libra Pluto at 25° (this is not a personal placement) which would sit tightly opposite the Aries placements of the finale. This is another chart, like I’ve said once before, where I would assume this person won, not came 2nd. As well as these other indicators, he has a definite Taurus Moon which is likely enclosed by the finale’s Sun and Mars. 

I am in two minds at this point: in some ways, the “positive, beneficial” trend for runners up is helpful for highlighting that gritty ‘negative’ aspects are needed, but it could also mean that predicting in the future will be difficult, as runners up can look pipped to win. 

Final Thoughts?

  • There is a real trend of Cancer placements in winners which could require term and decan analysis in relation to the transits
  • Runners up can look like winners, and exhibit the same indicators, which can provide false positives 

Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Hosted: 26th May 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan

There is a 2° conjunction between the Gemini Mercury (3°) and Gemini Sun (5°). Venus moves retrograde at 21° in Gemini also. Mars was also mercurial, at 12° Virgo. The Moon was moving through Leo on this night. So far, this doesn’t necessarily give us many clues. However, there is an opposition in the sky: Taurus Jupiter 26° to Scorpio Juno Rx. 27°. We’ve learnt previously that squares between the winner and the event tend to be seen, so we may find that the winner has late degree fixed personal planets. Generally, in this study, we’ve seen that Jupiter to Jupiter squares can be common, so let’s keep that to one side. There’s also been a tend with Chiron, which is at 9° Pisces, sitting with a 3° opposition to Virgo Mars. There’s potential here for a 6-12° Virgo or Pisces placement in the winner. 

Winner: Euphoria by Loreen

Loreen is a Libra Sun and Aquarius Moon. Her placements and degrees are:

  • Libra Sun 22°
  • Libra Mercury 12°
  • Virgo Venus 7°
  • Virgo Mars 10°
  • Scorpio Saturn 5°
  • Sagittarius Jupiter 9°

Her Venus and Mars align with the Virgo Mars opposite Pisces Chiron! Her Mars specifically hits a 2° orb. Chiron does also come into Loreen’s win as her own Chiron is at Gemini 2°, which gives us a 1° conjunction to the finale’s Gemini Sun. Her North Node, 18° Gemini, has a 3° conjunct to the finale’s Gemini Venus. This is actually opposite to the finale’s own North Node, which is 5° Sagittarius! This creates a square alignment between the Nodes, her Venus and Chiron, and the finale’s Sun. This is a mutable square, so half a point for predicting the square pattern!

Runner Up: Party for Everybody by Buranovskiye Babushki

As much as I’d love to, I can’t find out the charts of all 8 Russian grandmas who comprise Buranovskiye Babushki, or even pick one of the 6 who went to ESC to study. Unfortunately. 

Final Thoughts? 

  • I do feel that I’m going to have to study AA birth rated winners in order to better understand the patterns I’ve noted

Eurovision Song Contest 2013

Hosted: 18th May 2013 in Malmö, Sweden

This year is a Taurus Sun 27° with an early degree Virgo Moon. Mars is at 20° Taurus, and Venus is at 10° Gemini with Mercury just before it at 5°. Jupiter finds itself in detriment at 21° Gemini. Chiron is in Pisces at 13°, opening a square to Venus which could be completed by a winner having Virgo placements around this degree, which would have Moon approaching them too. North Node is at 16° Scorpio, opening up an opposition to Mars, giving us a pocket around 16-20° of the two signs (and fixed signs in general) where the winner may have their own Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn. With Juno at 16° Aquarius, it may be likely that we find the winner is activated by this placement, possibly with their Sun or Mercury around this degree of Aquarius. 

Winner: Only Teardrops by Emmelie de Forest

De Forest is possibly a third decan Taurus Moon, meaning her Moon was in conjunction with the Taurus placements of the event. She is not an Aquarius Sun, but the fixed square prediction was correct, as Leo Chiron at 19° actually completes a grand square with the event’s Mars, North Node, and Juno. When making my Virgo placements prediction, if I was working on the idea of a mutable square, but it turns out that I picked the wrong completing sign! De Forest is a Sagittarius Juno at 17°, which forms a loose opposition to Jupiter. Her Sun in Pisces at 9° forms a loose conjunction to the finale’s Chiron. While these are notable, winners don’t tend to have loose aspects, as we’ve seen before. She is, like many of the winners, a Cancer Mars. 

Runner Up: Hold Me by Farid Mammadov

Mammadov has Leo Mercury 23° in conjunction to Leo Venus 24° which are also in conjunction to Leo Jupiter 27°, all which aspect the Taurus Sun and/or Mars at varying orbs. His Mars is then at 28° Virgo, so it forms a trine to the Sun of the event. Mammadov has the tight aspect’s of a winner, but not the multi-faceted “spiderweb” effect we’ve talked about previously. 

Final Thoughts?

  • Squares continue to prove important

Eurovision Song Contest 2014

Hosted: 10th May 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark

This finale actually had a lot of specific aspects happening, so I’ll list them:

  • Aries Venus 8° opposite Libra Mars Rx. 9° (mutual reception) 
  • Cancer Jupiter 16° opposite Capricorn Pluto Rx. 13°
  • Pisces Chiron 17° trine Scorpio Saturn 20° trine Cancer Jupiter 16°

Now, this year isn’t really one I can predict, because I actually already know the chart of the winner, but I am excited to dive into it because I know we have an AA birth time for them!

Winner: Rise Like A Phoenix by Conchita Wurst

Let’s start with the aspects that Wurst has to the event:

  • Libra Venus 9° and Moon 11° conjunct finale’s Mars
  • Scorpio Sun 14° conjunct finale’s Saturn, trine Chiron and Jupiter
  • Gemini Jupiter 3° conjunct finale’s Gemini Mercury 5°

Wurst’s chart ruler is Mercury, which is 0° Scorpio for her. In the finale, Mercury loosens from a conjunction with her Jupiter while approaching a trine to her Venus. Her Midheaven is ruled by Saturn, which was conjunct her Sun during the finale. 

It’s also worth noting that the finale has Mars and Venus in opposition, in each other’s domicile, while Wurst is a Libra Venus, Aries Mars, which is the same signs but not placed in their domicile. 

Because we have Wurst’s birth time, I thought it’d be interesting to input the air time for the finale. Local time, ESC’s 2014 finale began at 9pm. At this time, the Ascendant was in conjunction with Saturn with an orb of 00’23. This is inspiring to me, because it makes me want to assess 1st house overlays! I’ll do a small study on this after this initial collection. 

Runner Up: Calm After The Storm by The Common Linnets

The main member of the band is Isle DeLange, so we’re using her chart. 

DeLange is a Taurus Sun 22° which forms an opposition to the finale’s AC-Saturn: not something we’ve seen in winners in regard to having their Sun opposing things. She also has Gemini influence, with Jupiter there at 8°, so Wurst ‘beats’ her to hugging the finale’s Gemini Mercury. 

In her natal chart, DeLange has Venus and Mars in Aries at 12° with a 00’35 orb of conjunction. These placements are enclosed by the finale’s Venus and Uranus – definitely noteworthy for her success that night. 

Miracle by Paula Seling and Ovi

This is another year I can’t really separate the two from the win, so both of their charts are:


Capricorn Sun 3°

Sagittarius Mercury 11°

Scorpio Venus and Uranus 19°

Capricorn Mars 9°

Virgo Saturn 13°

Her Venus-Uranus conjunction makes a 1° conjunction to the finale’s Ascendant-Saturn conjunction, and her Saturn makes a 1° conjunction to the finale’s Midheaven. This is another example of runners up testing my tight aspects theory, which has happened a lot in the last few years now. 

NOTE: I accidentally read the semi final runner up, not the finale runner up. This adds an even bigger red flag to this preliminary work. I now definitely want to study the relationship between winners and the finale in even more scrutinising detail. 

Final Thoughts?

  • Of course I knew this any way, but the mishap with Seling’s chart just goes to show I’m going to really need to nail down uncanny specifics with winners for this study to be worthwhile (this is only phase 1 of 5 – so it’s coming!)  
  • Contextual relevance can be key, as proven with multiple ‘firsts’ or symbolic wins seen in the study

Eurovision Song Contest 2015

Hosted: 23rd May 2015 in Vienna, Austria

After the discovery I made using the air time in 2014, I decided to do so for the rest of this preliminary also. 

The 2015 finale is:

  • Gemini Sun 2°
  • Leo Moon 10°
  • Sagittarius AC 7°
  • Gemini Mercury 12°
  • Cancer Venus 17°
  • Gemini Mars 8°
  • Leo Jupiter 15°
  • Sagittarius Sun 1°

What I notice about this is:

  • Moon approaching Jupiter throughout course of evening, likely closely conjunct by results
  • Saturn conjunct AC opposite Sun TIGHT
  • Libra MC 2° forming a 00’17 trine to the Sun
  • 1° conjunction between Jupiter and Juno 

The 2nd house (voice) has its Lord – Saturn – separating from a conjunction to the Ascendant, and also seen retrograde. The 10th house (ambition) has its Lord – Mercury – domicile in Gemini. The chart ruler – Jupiter – is under rulership of the Sun in Gemini. I also see that the Cancer Venus is in both the term and decan of Mercury, which we know is in Gemini. 

I have a good feeling about now using the times, because I have a strong feeling a Gemini with Cancer Venus or Mars will win this year (or, knowing my predictions, a Cancer Sun with Gemini Venus.) 

Winner: Heroes by Måns Zelmerlöw

I did it! My first complete prediction breakthrough! If you’ve read my notes down to here, take a screenshot and tag me online, because I am impressed, soldier!

Zelmerlöw is a Gemini Sun 22° with Cancer Venus 27° and Cancer Mercury 13°. His Mars is actually Capricorn 22° which is a sign headnod back to the Cancer-Capricorn axis notes from earlier in my research. It is in the Saturn: the planet in the 1st house of the finale’s air. Don’t forget, his Mars would be overlaid in the 2nd, moving into the 1st in the later hours (results!) of the competition. 

He has Sagittarius Saturn at 5° with a less than 1° conjunction to Sagittarius Juno! This is further confirmation of both my Saturn Return theory, and Juno importance theory! These two also form a conjunction with both the finale’s Saturn and AC when it actually began airing, and all of this was happening in lucky Jupiter’s term. 

Runner Up: A Million Voices by Polina Gagarina

Aha! Gagarina is also a Sagittarius Saturn, but hers is at 21°, meaning her Saturn Return had not yet become as activated as Zelmerlöw’s, who still had his Saturn touching the transit Saturn. 

She is an Aries Sun 6° conjunct Aries Jupiter 5°, and an Aquarius Venus 28°. Her Mars is Taurus at 23°. 

She clearly has plenty of healthy trines to the event, but that hasn’t been a sign of winning in the past. 

Final Thoughts?

  • I believe that paying special attention to the air time Ascendant and 2nd house, Saturn, and terms/decans makeup may be the ticket to a good prediction
  • I am definitely going to go back and pick through air times for more details

Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Hosted: 14th May 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden

I want to try to replicate the thought processes I went through for predicting the year above, so I got the air time once again. 

The Ascendant is in Scorpio again, but without a close conjunction. Juno is the only thing in Scorpio, in the term and decan of Mars. Mars is the air time chart ruler, and it sits in Sagittarius at 4° in its own lord’s term. Saturn is also in Sagittarius, but at 14°.

Looking around the chart at terms, Venus, Mercury and North Node also sit in Jupiter’s term. Jupiter is at 13° Virgo, so detriment, in the term and decan of Venus. Venus is at 18° Taurus. This is a loose trine. Because Jupiter is domicile in Pisces, and Venus is exalted in Pisces, there is a strenuous clause here to say that the date lends itself to a Piscean. 

The 1st house is Mars Ruled and the 2nd house is Jupiter Ruled. Saturn and Mars will be moving from the 2nd house to the 1st house through the event. It’s a risky conclusion, but I wonder if the winner could be someone with Sagittarius Saturn or Capricorn Jupiter, as well as Sagittarius and Capricorn personal planets. I’ll especially be looking out for Martian and Saturn terms, fitting with the “raising of the voice” we see as the 2nd house sign becomes the 1st. 

Winner: 1944 by Jamala

Oof! A risk I should not have taken! Jamala does have some of these placements, but not in a way that scream winner! Of the ones I predicted, she has:

  • Jupiter in Sagittarius in its own term
  • Mars (Leo 8°) in the decan of Saturn
  • Mercury (Virgo 29°) in the term of Saturn

Of previous patterns I’ve mentioned, she has:

  • Gemini North Node 22° forming the point of a t-square with the finale’s Virgo Midheaven 25° and Pisces Chiron 24°
  • The finale’s Virgo Moon separating from a conjunction to her Sun (Virgo 3°) and Venus (Virgo 0°)
  • The finale’s Scorpio Juno 3° in conjunction with her Scorpio Saturn 0°
  • Her Sagittarius Uranus 5° and Jupiter 2° enclosing the finale’s Mars 4°

While I paid attention to the finale’s 1st and 2nd house, Jamala actually fulfils the typical 10th house prophecy. Her Sun, Venus, and Mercury all sit in the chart’s 10th house. 

I also said that I expected Martian and Saturnian undertones of the winner to be present in their chart, and this is true for Jamala, just not as strongly as expected. 

Runner Up: Sound of Silence by Dami Im

Ironically, Im is a Sagittarius Saturn – I told you I seem to be good at predicting 2nd place! 

Her Venus is in Virgo at 14°, so this explains why she rose to notoriety on the night for a ballad about romantic isolation. Venus (love) was in Virgo (fall – detached from rays of glory, isolated from most ‘comfortable’ spot in sky) conjoined the finale’s Jupiter (expansion and grandiose) in the 10th house (of publicity and ambition.) 

However, nothing else screams out from Im’s chart in comparison with our winning patterns. 

Final Thoughts?

  • I didn’t take anything too revelatory from this year

Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Hosted: 13th May 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine

Taurus Sun at 22° with a late degree Sagittarius Moon. Mercury is in Aries at 27° with Venus just behind at 8°. Mars is in Gemini at 15°. The mutual reception between Mercury and Mars could point to the winner having a Martian Mercury or vice versa. Mars is in its own decan, which perhaps hints towards Aries or Scorpio influence. 

The Sagittarius Moon would’ve been buzzing around the Sagittarius Saturn at the time, which were both ruled by Libra Jupiter 14°, sitting in its own term. The way that emotions are staunchly tied to Lord Saturn, feeding into the planet of prosperity, would make me think that the winner themselves has a similar planetary makeup. For example, Sagittarius Sun, or a Sagittarius Saturn themselves. Perhaps Mars is in Libra for them, and this is how their own Martian qualities become highlighted on the night. 

Capricorn Juno at 18° is conjunct to Capricorn Pluto 19°, and since we know winners often have something on this axis, I imagine we’ll find that if they do, it’s around this degree. Perhaps the winner is a Cancer Venus or Mars at 20°~. From research Mars is most likely. 

Sagittarius Saturn 26° in its own decan (and term of Mars) forms a tight square to Pisces Chiron 27° in the Saturn term and Mars decan. We know Saturn and Chiron and tight squares appear in winners, and Mars and Saturn, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens when it is actually the event that has that aspect. We are likely to see that the winner has mutability to them, perhaps Gemini Moon or Virgo Jupiter, as examples. 

Winner: Amar Pelos Dois by Salvador Sobral

Whew! So, this reversal took me by surprise at first, but actually it makes sense. Sobral has almost everything in Capricorn, with some things in Sagittarius. This was confusing at first, until I thought about the role reversal happening here. Usually, the finale has one specific concentration, and the winner’s chart targets it from multiple positions. When the finale chart is so sporadic, what happens with the winner? They gain on this energy from one pressure point. Sobral has:

  • Capricorn Sun at 6° enclosed by Capricorn Uranus 5° and Capricorn Neptune 11°, with the Moon traversing somewhere through this, which all form a square at varying degree to the event’s Aries Venus 
  • Capricorn Saturn 15° which forms a square to the event’s Libra Jupiter 
  • Sagittarius Mars 7° in its own term, ruled by Cancer Jupiter 5° (exalted Jupiter) 
  • The event’s Juno-Pluto conjunction held enclosed by his Mercury at 25° and Saturn at 15°

Runner Up: Beautiful Mess by Kristian Kostov

Kostov is a Pisces Sun 25° which forms a 2° conjunction to the event’s Pisces Juno. His Mars is at 24° Aries, forming a 3° conjunction to the event’s Mercury. Interestingly, his Pisces Mercury and Venus conjunction at 2° sits in an out of sign opposition to the event’s 29° Leo North Node. This “so close, yet so far” dynamic could seem fitting for a runner up. Otherwise, Kostov’s chart doesn’t provide us with the most clues, at least without tapping in the finale’s air time.

Final Thoughts?

  • Again, not much new to take from this

Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Hosted: 12th May 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal

We seemed to have some real insight when we put in the air times, so I’m going to do that again for this year. It’s something I planned to do in future phases of this study, but not yet, however, I’ve decided to bend that rule for research’s sake.

Eurovision 2018, like previous years we’ve seen, is a year with an interesting air time! It began with the Ascendent in Scorpio at 15° approaching Jupiter Rx. at 17° of Scorpio, forming a conjunction. This was happening in the term of Mercury and decan of the Sun, which we should keep in mind, because this may be a hint at the winner’s make-up. They may have their Sun and/or Mercury in Scorpio, or their Mars (the chart ruler) in a solar or mercurial sign.

The Sun is Taurus 22°, which is actually a common one for Eurovision. This time, it’s at exactly 22’00 so it is in the Saturn decan and literally opening the door of the Saturn term. Since Saturn has proved to be powerful in Eurovision, perhaps the individual has a Saturn-ruled Sun, so Capricorn or Aquarius, since this Sun is subtly ruled by Saturn. At this time in history, Saturn was in Capricorn at 8°, which is its domicile placement. It doesn’t form a trine to the Sun, but it could insinuate that the winner is a Capricorn Saturn approaching their Saturn Return. The Mars of the event is also in Capricorn at 28°, and Capricorn is where Mars exalts. This means that Saturn and Mars both take up powerful energies on this night, making it a great night for someone with these influences. For example, a Capricorn Sun Scorpio Mars. Looking at these degrees, it also creates a large Capricorn pocket that the winner could potentially benefit from being enclosed in.

Mercury is at 28° Aries with a 1° conjunction to 29° Aries Uranus. This, yet again, gives martial qualities. It’s actually kind of funny to me that this transit representing bold communication of societal changes through the everyday (it’s in the 6th house), and I can already tell you how true that is for the song itself. In fact, looking at this chart, I’m definitely doing a whole separate article about how this chart played out so accurately on the night.

Moving on, though, I also notice:

  • Leo Midheaven in the term and decan of Mars
  • Gemini Venus in Mars’ term, Sun’s decan
  • Aries Moon beginning in Mercury’s term and Sun’s decan, then traversing toward Mercury and Uranus through the event
  • 10H/11H rulers are Taurus Sun, Aries Mercury respectively

As you can see, a whole lot of this chart screams Mars, with undertones of the Sun and Mercury, which also found their way back to Mars through that Aries Mercury. The winner is almost definitely someone with strong, abundant Martial presence, which is exuding through communicative routes on the finale.

Winner: Toy by Netta

Now, the way the song fits with the event is a hilariously accurate interpretation in and of itself. However, what’s actually in Netta’s chart? I admit, I haven’t seen it until now, so I’m excited to see how such an event played out for her!

Okay, you know what? I think I’m beginning to have a revelation here. I can see some semblance of compatibility to the event within Netta, but her actual song makes way more sense. Do I need to use the event to justify the song and the emotion, and not the actual singer? After all, half of these tracks are not written by the actual singer, including this one. We had more luck when they wrote and sang, and now there’s less meat to the study!

Putting that thought to one side, here’s Netta’s chart:

  • Aquarius Sun 2°
  • Aquarius Mercury 1°
  • Moon definitely in Capricorn or Aquarius (definitely Saturn ruled)
  • Pisces Venus 19°
  • Cancer Mars 12°
  • Libra Jupiter 14°
  • Aquarius Saturn 18°

Yes, she has tight squares to the event’s ascendant, and yes, she’s Saturnian and as a Cancer Mars, all things I’ve noted and/or predicted in this winner and winners in general. However, she lacks Martian influence, and her Saturn return is actually only just beginning now! These were the keys I was looking for in her personal win. I’m beginning to think that the winner’s own natal chart is secondary to the way the song fits with the event, because it isn’t the first song I felt was so perfect for the election of the event.

And, to be honest, using the song would make more sense, because people are voting on the song and how the song makes them feel. As long as a singer delivers, then it is on the song to win.

Runner Up: Fuego by Eleni Foureira

Foureira was actually the original favourite to win, and has been exponentially successful in and out of Eurovision because of the song. It would make sense for her to have ‘winner’ signs because she was pipped to the post on the final night.

Foureira actually has a similar chart to Netta, in some ways. She is a Pisces Sun 16° with Pisces Mercury 1° and Aquarius Venus 4° – which is the switch of Netta’s Sun, Mercury, and Venus. Her Saturn is in Sagittarius, so neither of them were in their Saturn Returns, and her Jupiter is in Aries at 1° so this point doesn’t hit anything either.

She is a Taurus Mars 10°, so this is too large an orb to hit the Sun.

Final Thoughts?

  • Trust me to get to the penultimate year of the study and to realise I may have been approaching this all wrong..!
  • At least this seems to further prove Cancer Mars people are very favourable at Eurovision

Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Hosted: 18th May 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel

The event started at 00’10 Capricorn Ascendant with Capricorn Saturn 20° and Pluto 23° sitting in the 1st house. The Moon was in Scorpio 26°, due to enter Sagittarius. At the inception of the event, Mars was directly opposite the Rising, as the event has Cancer Mars 1°.

The Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in Taurus at 27°, 24° and 4° respectively. Venus formed a 1° conjunction with Taurus Uranus 3°. Chiron, sometimes included as notable in winners, is at 4° Aries.

Honestly, this is one of those years with not much to comment on because it’s a pretty standard Eurovision. So, from that, I can assume the winner may be a “pretty standard” Eurovision winner: Cancer Mars, Taurus-Pisces influence, North Node aspects, what we’ve found more often than not.

Winner: Arcade by Duncan Laurence

I did already have Laurence’s chart, so I know there’s Pisces through Taurus in his placements, but I hadn’t studied it more than that.

He’s an Aries Sun 21° with Aries Mercury 2°. Taurus Venus at 11° and Pisces Mars at 27°. His North Node is in Scorpio at 24°, so the Moon had just travelled past his North Node minutes before the finale began to air. 

His Mercury forms a conjunction with the finale’s Chiron. His Taurus Venus doesn’t form aspects to anything of the event’s Taurus placements. He doesn’t have anything personally in Capricorn that the Rising would’ve passed through. 

At this point, I’m pretty sold that the song is more likely to give us results, so I’m not too fussed that this is quite a ‘weak’ prediction result!

Runner Up: Soldi by Mahmood

Mahmood is Virgo Sun 19° with Virgo Mercury 17° and also Virgo Jupiter 23°. Jupiter trines the event’s Mercury. Like Laurence, he also doesn’t have any personal Capricorn planets activated by the finale’s Rising. 

Funnily enough, guess where Mahmood’s Mars is? Yep! Cancer, but his is 00’06, so I guess he’s lucky to get into the Eurovision Cancer Mars club!

It’s worth noting that his Moon is definitely in Pisces, and it is in the last decan of Pisces, which could lead to potential aspects with the finale’s Taurus and Scorpio placements, if we did ever receive a time. 

At some point during the event, his Saturn in Aquarius (12°) would’ve been activated and passed by the finale’s Ascendent. This is something we can tell since it’s a sign and a half from the air time rising, so roughly 1-3 hours ahead, and the event was up to 4 hours. 

Final Thoughts?

  • While I don’t regret this whole initial study, dang, wish I had thought to do songs way earlier than this!

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