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When seeking a reading from me, you may at times want to choose your own tools, like which tarot deck you wish to be included, or if you’d like crystallomancy and such. Below is a full list of decks and methods that I may include in your reading, or that you can request (subject to reading guidelines.)

Tarot Decks

A key element of consultations with me is tarot reading, and there’s an array of decks to choose from! Tarot is a form of cartomancy comprising 78 cards, in 2 books, with the major arcana being book one, and the minor arcana being book two. The minor arcana are based on the elements, with four suits included, while the major arcana take on more overarching, thematic messages.

Oracle Decks

Another form of card reading you may find in your reading is oracle card reading. Oracle cards do not follow any set criteria or theme, and are very free in their various artworks and messages. They’re great for adding subtle layers of meaning. I also reads with a Lenormand deck, which is a form of cartomancy great for providing event-based, realistic, tangible answers to “what” and “how” questions.


Crystallomancy is the art of casting crystals and reading them for their messages. With a collection of over 40 crystals (which, for ethical reasons, is no longer added to), I reach into an opaque bag and concentrates as a the gems are shuffled and picked out. Oftentimes, they will then be lightly dropped over the reading with closed eyes, to cast them into relevant spaces of the card spread, for an extra layer of meaning. This method is particularly great for drawing in even more detailed information on a spread.

Pendulum Reading

I have two pendulums which are predominantly utilised in Deity Readings and Past Life Readings. One is a raw amethyst, and the other is a tanzanite aura stone. These are great for providing yes/no answers to further clarify simple questions, or questions with this sort of answer.

In most of my readings, I will often used my skills as a medium and channeller to take advice from the spirit realm on what would work best for you, or how many shuffles a deck needs for your message. My reading style is highly intuitive, allowing for claircognizant hits to guide the reading toward its necessary direction.