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Astrology Explained: Get to Know Venus

In astrology, Venus is one of the traditional planets, and it is the planet we consult when looking at themes of love. Love for a partner, love for a hobby, the comforts we have, and the way we love to express ourselves are all variants of how Venus will show itself within an individual.

Because of the path which Venus takes in the sky, it can only be two signs away from the Sun at any given time.

When it comes to Venus in Retrograde, this shows internalising the themes of luxury and style. The individual may, when afflicted, suffer from self consciousness or lack of self belief. However, when at its best, Venus in Retrograde has a keen eye for style details, can make a brilliant poet, and may spend a lot of time daydreaming about their ideal life.

As a transit, many people note that Venus in Retrograde can lead to old flames re-entering their lives, or indulging in negative habits like creating dating profiles you swore to stay off of, or overspending.

In this post, we’ll be discussing Venus in terms of attraction. Many of the paragraphs adhere to relationships since that’s what people often want to hear about, but the information can be carried over to friends, interests, and hobbies just as easily.

So what does Venus say about you?

Someone with Venus in Aries is a passionate and spontaneous lover who would do anything for their partner. They want nothing more than to see them smile and being a fiery and strong lover is their main objective. They can tend to fall very hard and fast, and some may translate this into loving the thrill of the chase. They may be very attracted to modern styles, keeping fit, and things which can fulfil their need for adrenaline. The ideal lover to Venus in Aries can love as passionately as they do and keep them on their toes. They seek fun, thrills, and a playful friendship with their partners.

Venus in Taurus is one of the signs where Venus is at home. This can make these individuals seem like natural Venusians. Venus in Taurus is associated with affluence and luxury, meaning that they like to enjoy the splendours life has to offer, whether it be a soft fabric or a coffee brewed just right. They can be very stubborn in love as they feel they know exactly what they want, but this also makes them loyal and consistent lovers. The perfect partner for a Venus in Taurus is someone who, like them, is dependable and sense-oriented, and can bond with them over art, food, or whatever it is that the native finds most pleasurable.

When it comes to Venus in Gemini, you’re getting a lover of words, people watching, and theories. These people see a movie night in to watch a docuseries on their favourite subjects as the best kind of dates. They have hugely active minds, love to study (whether academically or just in a hobby), and their interests may often seem labourious chores to those less academically stimulated than Venus in Gemini. They’re bubbly and excitable, often the sort to send text novels or want to explain their whole day to their partner. The perfect partner for this person is someone who can vibe with their need for information and can relate to their encyclopedic ways.

With Venus in Cancer, we see a lover as deep as the ocean. Venus in Cancer is an emotional lover who wants to feel understood at the deepest depths of their heart. They often love comfort objects, emotionally heavy music, and things related to the ocean. These people may sometimes appear somewhat traditional, often veering away from hook up culture or similar because when they have a crush or a lover, their heart is fully invested. For a Venus in Cancer, every relationship is sacred in some way and has the potential to be a bond which goes soul deep. The ideal lover for these people doesn’t mock the empathetic ways of Venus in Cancer, but rather joins them in their beautiful vulnerability and universal love.

When someone has Venus in Leo, you can expect their love to be lather than life. Every partner is held up in their eyes like royalty, and Venus in Leo conduct themselves with that same air of grace. They will often enjoy feeling powerful, in charge, or unique. These people are incredibly expressive and, even if not current or modern, often have a very distinguished sense of style and self. The perfect person for Venus in Leo is whomever they are dating, because these people invest every ounce of their infatuation in the apple of their eye. This can also make them incredibly loyal, but also vicious when their lover is threatened.

Venus in Virgo is an analytical lover who often feels that service is the most intimate of love languages. Whether it be making you a cup of tea or pulling the sheets over your shoulders as you sleep, Venus in Virgo notices the smallest of details and aims to make them all perfect for their lover. They also have huge minds and love to engage with literature, sociological studies, and can even make brilliant architects. These people may have a more refined sense of style with accentuates subtle hues, but don’t let that be mistaken for blandness, because Virgo is a firework when you’re paying attention in the right places.

Knight in shining armour Venus in Libra is characterised by their pursuit for fairness. They want their relationships to represent balance and to be equal parts give and take. Venus naturally rules Libra, which came make these people quite the hopeless romantics. They can tend to be daydreamers and fashionistas, as Venus in Libra represents a harmonious blend between the senses and the mind; showing us how to live in the middle way between love and objectivity, and personality and adaptability. These people want lovers who aren’t offended when they see their flaws because they know it is part of why their Venus in Libra loves them.

Venus in Scorpio is often considered one of the most deeply passionate lovers because Venus in Scorpio can take time to warm up to people. Once you’ve in their heart, you have their loyalty ten fold. They often enjoy people watching and crime investigation shows because, to them, humans and psychology are just so incredibly interesting. Whilst they can be slow to fall in love, this isn’t to say they don’t want to, in fact, they really do. Venus in Scorpio just reserves their heart for those moments, not crushing so flippently, because getting hurt or being vulnerable is often a source of paranoia for them.

For someone with Venus in Sagittarius, love is an adventure, and an adventure is love. Life is best lived when it is filled with memories and experiences, from drunken nights with friends to backpacking across a continent to feeling the weight of the universe in their favourite school class. These people want a lover who understands they don’t want a routine, but an experience, and that bonding on an intellectual level is paramount to forming a deeper connection to them. With that being said though, they appreciate a lover who can walk the line between goof ball and philosopher just like they do. If you’re fun, interesting, and explorative, Venus in Sagittarius is crushing on you.

Venus in Capricorn likes a partner with tact, grace, and drive. They are known to put their goals first and so they often appreciate people who do the same. They love feeling the thrill of the climb to success, and the adrenaline of a ‘win’ keeps Venus in Capricorn alive. They may tend to get stuck inside an appearance with love, afraid of making the wrong move in case it damages someone’s perception of them. However, once you get under their barriers, you see that Venus in Capricorn is a nurturing lover. They aim to give their partner a lifestyle which means they never have to worry, and to prove they are dependable through actions.

The people of Venus in Aquarius often get a bad reputation for being cold lovers, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. These people often have niche interests or enjoy learning an array of hobbies and skills. They see the world outside the box, and for this reason, prefer partners who can understand this about them and see the world like they do too. Once Venus in Aquarius feels you’re on their planet, they are very loyal and adoring, wanting to share their fantasy land with you. They’re someone who enjoys long talks at night about absolutely anything, and you know you can turn to when you need to vent on anything, because these people see the world for its bigger picture.

Venus in Pisces is the dreamer of the Venus signs and is often trademarked as the martyr of love. For Venus in Pisces, love is a firework display, a movie, and a sonnet all at once. They are very artistic and spiritually inclined people, wanting to believe everything has its higher purpose. Their ideal lover is someone who can give back to them the oceans of emotion which they give out. Venus in Pisces can tend to idealise their partner because of their tendency to want the world to be rose coloured. When these people are in love, they use every tool on their tool best to try to outdo themselves every single day. But really? They just want to know their love is long lasting and secure.

When it comes to the houses, these can tell us areas of life which you may naturally have talent in or be very expressive in. It can also be seen as your love language, or more so something which affects how you love and what you need within love. When Venus is applied to a house, it can make that area of life more harmonious.

Venus in the First House may be attracted to individuals who know themselves, or be known to be someone with a strong sense of self. They may have no qualms with accepting who they are and wearing that on their sleeve.

With Venus in the Second House, we see someone who enjoys the nicer things in life, but also holds a strong set of values. They may want a part who physically shows for their success, but also holds a moral compass not indistinct from their own.

What makes Venus in Third House go crazy in love is shared interests and regular communication. They may excel in learning and studies, and find it very attractive when someone else does also. They may even have a natural affinity for languages.

Venus in Fourth House is a homebody who is looking for a lover who they can build a home with. They may tend to crush on people with domestic skills, or have a natural talent for cooking and sewing themselves. This person’s sense of love revolves around home comforts.

With Venus in the Fifth House, we see someone who is very artistic, expressive, and flirtatious. They may have a bold sense of style and be attracted to those with a defined aesthetic also. Talents and hobbies catch their eye like sparkling goals because these people love uniqueness.

Venus in the Sixth House is after a lover who can blend into their everyday life and become a part of their routine. They may be very into animal people or those who have careers in public service/care. Humility and selflessness define and attract these people.

Venus in the Seventh House can often be someone who prefers personal connections to group ones, and thus a partner can be a major need for them. They can like to converse and debate on anything, so someone with an open mind and innovative way of thinking is perfect for them.

When we have Venus in the Eighth House, we see a deep lover who is interested in working out others motives. They may be attracted to those they can’t figure out because it poses a fun game to them to pursue this challenge.

For Venus in the Ninth House, they naturally gravitate towards people who demonstrate spirituality, philosophy, and worldly passion. They don’t want to waste time on people they cannot grow and transcend with.

With Venus in the Tenth House, we see someone who wants to envision their partner as part of their long term goals. They don’t care for things which are not long lasting and won’t spend time on short term trivial chases.

Venus in Eleventh House is a communal lover. They want to be friends with their partner and for their partner to naturally flow with their friends. They may also be most open to meeting new love interests unconventionally.

When we see Venus in Twelfth House, they bond very naturally to what is underneath the surface. These people may not even understand what it is sparks their infatuation and intrigue because it takes place on an unconscious field.

In regards to aspects formed by Venus, the outcome will be different depending on the exact aspect we are speaking of.

When Venus is conjunct a planet, it will bring a sense of love and fulfillment to the planet. This person may excel in areas regarding it or have a strong sense of expression and personality in that area.

For Venus sextile a planet, we see a sense of mutual chatter between the two objects. There is a subtle feeling of luck for this person falling over the second object, and it may be easier than usual for them to express the object through artistic means.

Venus trines are harmonious and show strong, peaceful connections. They can give the individual natural love and ability over the second object and make it easy for them to move around that area of their self and being.

Venus squares can be more difficult because they show a harsh connection and ‘falling out.’ Individuals with Venus squares may find accepting themselves very hard and may fall to brash decisions.

Venus oppositions are 50/50, some days they are polar opposites and others they are one and the same. Venus and the other object are two forces who want the same thing, but are on very different paths to getting it, and thus they squabble, shown in the opposition aspect.

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