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Quick Facts: ariel – they/she – loves cats!

Chart Ruler? 4th House Taurus Saturn
Favourite Tarot Card? Judgement
Favourite Sign Archetype? Sagittarius
What’s My Career Goal? To teach other people astrology and divination by unlocking doors, ideas, and theories through my studies and work.

My personal journey with the stars and spirituality started very young, leaving an ever-burning curiosity in my mind for the other side and the cosmos around us. I adored ghost stories, going on haunted tours, and reading the horoscopes in the back of my mother’s magazines, wondering if they’d ever apply to me. When I was in secondary school, learning about different religions and beliefs, much of what I now talk about and believe today began to prosper in my mind.

In the present day, I’m incredibly blessed to call myself a full time student of the stars and divination reader! I began my career providing donation based divination readings on an old tumblr blog, and my work snowballed from there. I’ve now given over 800 readings, collected over 200 five star reviews, and loved every minute of it. My favourite divination methods to read with are trusty tarot, and also lenormand reading! My favourite decks are currently Telluric Tarot and Messages from the Mermaids.

After a 1-2 year hiatus from astrology, I finally returned to the study publicly in 2020, and began offering my consults and knowledge from there. I’ve been lucky enough to consult with some amazing people, and even to submit my work to the highly anticipated anthology, Mercury’s Brood. I also recently opened “Ariel’s Astrology,” a public access vault of my astrology research and thoughts, which you can find here.

Relevant Qualifications and Experience:
8+ years paranormal study, backed by 4 paranormal research diplomas
6+ years astrology study, now teaching at Raven Academy
Trained life coach with certification
Ordained pagan minister with Leanai Na Deithe
Association of Young Astrologers member