Empowering Thoughtful Spirituality

In my view, spirituality is about more than smoke cleansing and tarot cards. While divination may help us to explore predicaments, and meditation may help us to clear our minds, authentic spirituality is an overarching approach to multiple disciplines. It helps us to grow as people, to empower ourselves, and hold honesty, accountability, and knowledge to the highest standard. Spirituality is the practice of wanting to be better, and doing so along side other people.

Combining practices in Buddhism, life coaching, divination, and astrology, I believe that accountability, growth, and empowerment sit at the very heart of our spiritual journeys. Through these practices, and other related metaphysical studies, I work to help my clients understand themselves and where they are going through the mediums of tarot cards, astrology charts, and more.

When it comes to spirituality, my approach is as realistic as the tree in your back garden. Even when approaching theoretic topics, like past lives or soul connections, I like to root my work in tangible ideas, information, and coaching frameworks of growth. My mission is simple: I wish to use my 8 years of studies and practice to mentor others on how they can continue to grow as people in our spiritual age. I wish to use all the experience and know-how that I’ve cultivated to teach others how they can use spirituality in their lives, or walk the path of enlightened self development with other spiritual people.

For more information on my personal journey, beliefs, and what working with me may entail, take a look around at my about page, testimonials, or articles.